Friday, April 20, 2012

numerology - loooooong post ;)

I've just remembered this entry I made on Live Journal a few years ago, and thought I would share it on this blog. Numerology is very easy, and it's great doing a quick check on which personal year you are in (the cycle is from 1-9, then back to 1 again), since it sets up the tone for the coming 12 months after your birthday.

I'm in a fantastic personal year 3 at the moment. What personal year are you in, and how does it relate to your life now?

In case anyone’s interested, I thought I’d post a summary of Numerological Personal Years, so you can work out which year you are in.

The method is very easy – for example, say your last birthday was 29 October last year (2011). You would add 2 + 9 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1. This adds up to 16, and 1 + 6 = 7. So from last year’s birthday, you are in a Personal Year 7. Your next birthday (this year) you will be in a Personal Year 8, and so on.

Personal Year ONE is all about new beginnings, a new 9 year cycle.

You can expect life to offer you changes and possible new beginnings... these could range all the way from a totally new and revised love life to more challenging responsibilities on the job. You may be assigned an entirely different type of work or make a physical or geographical move to a new area within your present hire or even start up completely new with another firm. This is a year that can kick off a whole new cycle of events in your life, the beginning of a new Nine-year cycle. It's time to transform your dreams, aspirations, hopes and intentions into physical reality. You may feel this energy thrust and recognise the need for a life change, but could decide to stay rooted in your current situation. That sort of response to the ONE's urgings is not uncommon. The only problem is that you may delay too long and miss the opportunities now turning your way. Really study your needs and feelings now to be sure your hesitancy is sound thinking. You may never have such a chance like this again for another 4 years. Stay positive and be aware that you are now riding the crest of "the wave of life" which requires a fresh approach.

Be prepared to look ahead. Don't look back. New opportunities should appear this year. Someone could enter your life with a new proposition or offer that will require your decision. Has to do with the future. Don't be afraid to be aggressive, to take a stand in protection of your rights and future. Life says... accept challenges as they arise and have the courage to be yourself.

Personal Year TWO represents emotions, partnerships, peace and harmony.

You can expect an interactive and emotionally sensitive year involving all sorts of relationship issues... not just personal, but social and professional. You'll be dealing with feelings that will have to be reconciled, viewpoints that must be discussed and future plans that will require definition. This is a time of decision and preparation... choosing a course of action and being certain that your focus is not one of sympathetic or sentimental accommodation. It's important not to overreact or be hasty in making decisions, since Mother Nature wants you to seek peace and agreement as you flow with the tide.

It's a year to seek guidance or counselling on the difficult issues; to meditate, study, plan and assimilate the energies of life, not resist them. You are like a seed, newly planted. Your inner-core is just beginning to extend its root system so it can begin absorbing the life nutrients, necessary to your emotional growth. All new germinating seeds need spiritual and emotional nourishment to ensure proper growth.

This is the second year of your new cycle of nine years, so be tactful and cooperative in your personal relationships to ensure domestic harmony. Many marriages and emotional liaisons have parted company under the energies of the TWO, simply because the parties failed to discuss, understand, empathise and reconcile their differences. Just remember, what you began last year under the Personal Year ONE is taking root now. All throughout this TWO Personal Year you will have to nurture this new (seed) beginning so it can establish a strong base to continue its growth into your THREE Personal Year. Seeds that fail to germinate or have suffered traumatic treatment to their root systems may fail to support your growing future possibilities. Stay conscious of this all throughout the year and you should have future success.

This is your year of growth within... much happening under the surface now. Emotions are sensitive and easily upset, so be aware that romantic or relationship issues may emerge. Don't rush events and issues this year. Be patience and realise that what was started last year needs time to reach its maturation in order to blossom in your THREE Personal Year. Helping others without expectation of return will serve to be a healing influence for your emotional difficulties.

Personal Year THREE is all about communication, creativity and self expression.

You can expect life to step up the pace of your activities. Last year during your TWO year, the forces of nature were at low ebb and you discovered that high achievement and successful forward motion seemed delayed and somewhat resistant at every turn... well, not this year. However, if you have chosen to carry your worry and sadness from last year into this year, you will have difficulty, emotionally.

The expanding and regenerative energies of the THREE will offer you more opportunity to be social, have more fun, express yourself in whatever medium you choose (writing, painting, speaking, crafts, parties, etc.) and just generally experience more personal freedom to accomplish.

All of these new waves of hope and excitement are set to open for you if you've been able to shake the doldrums and clouds of doubt/disappointment experienced last year. You have to be willing now this year to hold your head high and have the confidence and courage to move forward for renewal and rebirth.

Doors open during the year of the THREE... people make things happen for you as income and confidence increases. Be careful, however, not to overdo it... the enthusiasm and optimism of the THREE can induce haste, so one must not act without consideration. Be moderate. There's always a tendency to take on too much responsibility, be extravagant and foolishly overzealous. In other words, don't scatter your energies, for your thoughts and desires will be running at full tilt and you could simply end up spinning your wheels.

There's a feeling of great relief felt during the THREE Personal Year you sense that life has finally recognised you and your abilities and is offering you a chance to be reborn. Experience these energies as a blessing and a gift, but don't take them for granted. They'll support you and uplift you throughout the year as long as you are positive, hopeful and willing to try new directions. However, if you entered the year in a depressed and self-pitying way, you'll likely miss the dynamic opportunities awaiting you. That would be very unfortunate since the energies of the THREE offer much promise for success. To the THREE, negative feelings and depression are dysfunctional since the THREE is an energy of brilliance, hope and enthusiasm that absolutely refuses to accept less than 100% effort. It lives in the now and promises to be your mentor (throughout the year) as long as you change your attitude and seek positive growth. Your choice !!

This is a year of vigorous activity and involvements... much to do, places to go, people to see and seeming little time to handle it all. Most of all, this is an emotional year. Could be upbeat and joyful emotion or depressing and worrisome. It all depends on the frame of mind and feeling you brought with you when the year began. Your THREE year is a time to express your joyful side, whether it is becoming more social or entering into fun-loving activities with others. Try to enjoy yourself. This is a year to allow friendships, family, love & happiness replace last year's sadness.

Personal Year FOUR symbolises building solid foundations, and working hard.

You can expect life to hand you a load of responsibility and hard work. Don't worry or recoil in fear, just know that this year, Nature wants to see if you have what it takes... to discover if you're willing and able to build a firm foundation to support the activities of the next five years of this current nine-year cycle. This is your testing year. You'll find that life will call upon you to put your affairs in order, to cultivate solid relationships, to establish method and system in all your personal/business matters and make plans for the expansion and activity due to begin next year. Don't allow yourself to feel low or be depressed during the year, for you could feel frustrated with the weight of responsibility and limitation that is presently calling forth your best effort.

Just know that life is testing you this year (as you experience the expenses and sacrifices you'll be asked to make) and though difficult, you'll come out better prepared and able to cope with life's mounting pressures. Wherever possible try to consolidate, regroup and solidify the gains and expanded opportunities you realized during last year... they must now be given realistic form and a firm solid structure so they will energise and coalesce to form your new base or action core. To the FOUR, your mental and emotional conditioning are all important during this year. It knows that your ultimate success lies in your ability to recognise the need to focus and apply yourself to all current projects and efforts. If you're scattered and attempting to expand or foolishly taking on additional responsibilities (without a plan), you'll be headed for a life collision. The FOUR knows this, so will, throughout the year, attempt to resist and block your efforts (hoping you'll awaken in time to regroup and recognise the error of your judgment). The Personal Year FOUR is your working partner, teacher and mentor - hear its voice, honour its efforts and you'll be guided (through hard work and effort) along the path to success.

This is a year of transition... it concerns itself with practical matters and issues pertaining to family and property (owned or up for possible purchase). This FOUR year often feels like a grind, since the prior year THREE was so footloose and free for your feelings and personal expression. To be successful this year it's imperative that you attend to all details as they arise. Procrastination will not work this year. Try to avoid family arguments and squabbles, since the focus is on domestic issues during the term of the FOUR. Health issues must also be checked, since the FOUR may bring physical ailments to the fore.

Personal Year FIVE tells us that true freedom can only come with personal growth through change.

You can expect change, travel, growth, expansion and release from the containments and frustrations you experienced last year. During this year there will be a breaking up of the old conditions in your life... the obstacles, delays and frustrations of the past year will slowly lessen and disappear. One usually responds to this liberating FIVE energy by moving, changing jobs, interests, attitudes and even love or friendship relationships.

The Personal Year FIVE can either be a hectic year (since the change may not be welcomed or expected) or an exciting one (if you're ready for something new)... the year will not be uneventful. There's simply more personal freedom and more of an opportunity to express your individuality without hindrance or delay.

The key is to flow with these changing conditions and let the old connections fade into the chronicles of the past... to be adventurous, take some risks and be willing to try something new, the unexpected and the challenging. Nature has opened the door for your growth. Don't disappoint it. Be careful though; don't go to extremes, since the rapid and frenetic energy of the FIVE can lead you to extremes of emotion, passion or speculation. Be constant, logical, consistent and steadfast, but be willing to change and release things that have outlived their usefulness. This includes relationships.

The energies of your FIVE year are like a young sapling sending sap and new growth racing through its trunk and branches... to feel alive. Closely akin to the THREE year, you will begin feeling constant change occurring all around you. This is a year of change, some planned, but most appearing as a surprise. If you are a person who dislikes change, then you will have to learn to cope, since change this year is inevitable. It's important that you "grow with life"... if you pull back, you will feel life is unkind, that Life is picking on you. That is not the attitude to assume, it can only bring you unhappiness. Unexpected change, surprising events and the breaking up of old conditions are simply clearing the way for "the new". Chill out and flow !!!

Personal Year SIX is about domestic responsibilities, duty and health.

You can expect life to begin sending you some domestic responsibilities and obligations to assume... personal, emotional and financial (out of the blue and unexpected). It's almost as if the great timekeeper in the sky had decided it was now time for you to settle down and shoulder some of life's duties.

You will sense the genesis of a mood within your emotions to either fall in or out of love. To be close to someone and to have them appreciate you, to respect, care and work with you. It's as if you feel a need to adjust the inequities and imbalances in your life (to drop anchor or find some emotional security).

This could entail buying or renting a home, fixing up the house or buying some furniture, painting or remodelling. You will want to find security by giving, seeking and receiving love and attention. You might want to teach, counsel, comfort or advise others. One often pays bills, settles estates and establishes trusts or savings accounts for the future. The heart turns domestic and seeks balance, harmony, serenity and beauty in its surroundings and involvements. It's the "feather the nest" instinct.

There may be demands placed upon you for funds... donations, contributions, doctor bills, school costs or child support. You may be called upon to comfort the sick and assist family members by providing support, emotional as well as financial, short term or long.

The SIX represents love of family and community so you may have to be a peacemaker or adjuster of family differences... could even be your own. Health issues often loom to the forefront, dental work long neglected demands attention; other health issues could flare and come to the surface. Whatever the sector surrounding your health and personal well being, you should seek alternative or professional help to obtain a healing resolution. Keep your head, don't be discontented this year. Help others (and yourself) wherever and whenever you can... do this and the year will be counted as one of the happiest and most successful within this current nine year cycle.

The SIX is a time of intended serenity, balance, contentment and a quieting from the change and turmoil of the FIVE year. This can be a wonderful year that may bring you the fruits of your past efforts. It's a year when you should seek peace in your relationships and healing for your mind and body. Best advice is: Get your domestic affairs in order so you are prepared for next year's time of repose and future planning. You experienced the rapid changes of last year's FIVE, so this year you must find ways to grow stronger in all ways. Attend to all of your responsibilities and this SIX year can be a financially fruitful year. Be willing to offer help to others and be conciliatory in settling your marriage or relationship disputes.

Personal Year SEVEN represents inner reflection, studying, and self-analysis.

You can expect life to slow down a bit, not necessarily in the work or professional areas, but more in the realms of everyday personal activity and social commitment. You will find that you simply have less energy or interest in "going and doing".

In reality, life events will cause you to feel more introspective and reflective, prompting you to seek some alone or downtime. There will be a more self-protective aura about you, which may cause your friends and associates to wonder if things are OK... asking if you're well or perhaps despondent about something. The truth is that life has just ushered you through the portals of time to a space where you now begin to assess the results of your prior efforts. You begin to feel the need to re-evaluate your goals and objectives, which usually leads one to rechart his or her present direction and future aspirations.

This is a year that is quite often emotionally and mentally limiting, especially if one is planning on greater physical and materialistic achievement. Life is telling you it's time to pull back, sit down, take a personal inventory of your achievements and a realistic look at where you've been and then where you "really" want to go from here. This SEVEN year is like the 7th day of the week, it's a time to give the spirit a rest. It's as if you've arrived at the foot of a mountain, the height of which staggers the view for a moment, but then beckoning you on to its challenge. You know, however, that the climb will require stamina and hard work... but most of all proper planning and thought. It's this meditative quality of the SEVEN year that is forcing you to withdraw from the pace of life... to look within.

Know that next year, you'll be under the influence of the EIGHT Personal Year and will be asked to give your all for the success you desire. Truth, honesty and effort will be the tolls required for the fruits to be gained. Stand tall and focus your determination on your success.

If you're thoughtful, quiet, meditative, studious and patient this year, you will gain from its energies, for nature designed the Personal Year SEVEN as a "time-out" from the grinding progression of life. It's a time to search your soul so you will begin to understand your place within the coming universal scheme of things. One shouldn't brood over the past, but learn from its mistakes. Try to relax, rest, wait and plan, rather than try to force the issues. Try to understand and accept the fact that the delays you confront this year are meant to aid you in understanding the self (to help you rechart your future course). Nourish your soul now, seek inspiration, take a personal inventory, create a new action blueprint and get ready to implement that plan during your EIGHT year.

This SEVEN year is your time to pull back, rest and review the past six years of growth and activity. It's your time to draw up a game plan for the next three years. You are nearing the end of your nine year cycle of growth and activity and must establish a roadmap that will ensure the successful navigation of the years remaining during this nine year venture. This is a year during which "the law of attraction" is strongly in effect. It is a year when you must pull back and allow your inner-self (soul) to begin a process of deep examination and meditation (which will enable your soul to "attract" thoughts and ideas from your Higher Self). This is not a year for new beginnings and new initiatives, it is your down time needed to formulate your future possibilities. You find yourself taking a personal inventory and sorting through the things in your life that can be retained and those that must be exorcised.

Personal Year EIGHT is about karma, money, business and the true meaning of power.

This year you can expect to reap the fruits of your efforts during the last seven years. If you worked hard, had focused purpose and applied real effort to your job or relationship, then this year will bring success and happiness. If, on the other hand, your life had (until this point) been loosely structured and you floated listlessly without purpose, passion, resolve or direction, this year could be frustrating, nerve wracking and filled with hardships, mental strain or loss of ground.

An EIGHT year is the paymaster; it will reward one only in direct proportion to the intention and effort expended. That is why the EIGHT is known as a KARMIC number... with it, the scales must balance. It gives back what you gave and sometimes with a bit more, if deserved.

If you were organised, efficient, truthful and using good judgment fairly for all, you can expect advancement, recognition and achievement. The year will continue to demand great effort, but the reward will be well worth it. Since the EIGHT is the agent of the law of compensation, it will insist that you think of others as well as yourself. Selfishness and greed or power-hungry motives will turn on you and the life will be peppered with disappointment and loss. Remember this, it's nature's code of ethics and must not be violated.

This is definitely a year when one (who isn't happy personally) looks toward a possible ending of a relationship... business or personal. Best advice for the EIGHT year is... be efficient, work hard, try to transform yourself from formerly unacceptable habits and seek ways to secure clearer and happier circumstances.

If you've dreamed of improving your life or of going further (such as well as removing yourself from a marriage or relationship), then go do it. This is the year that Nature will supply the fuel, force and impetus for your emancipation. If you hesitate or feel uncertain, you'll miss the ideal moment for your total recreation. It's hard, I know, but it's the sweat and the effort that ultimately make it all worth while.

This year you are beginning your climb or ascension to reap the fruits of your labours. It's a year when the plan you established during last year's SEVEN thoughtful repose, is now put in force to bring you success (or disappointment if you failed to adequately prepare during the SEVEN). Your life should now be resting on a much more stable foundation. Finances can abound, job promotion & recognition may be received. You are experiencing a drive now to improve your position and place in the world. Much energy will be expended to move forward... just remember that if you force issues beyond their breaking point it can backfire on your health and mental clarity. Stand tall, take control, own your own power, but do these things as you exercise wisdom in your efforts. Most of all, don't be ruthless, cruel, critical or attempt to dominate others. Use a measure of control and wisdom as you regulate your energies to ensure success.

Personal Year NINE is about endings, spirituality, and getting rid of things/people that don’t enhance your life.

You can expect life to be changing all around you. This NINE energy affects people in various ways, but one thing is for sure, whatever is outworn or no longer useful in your life, will likely be removed or terminated.

Some experience the NINE energy by moving to a new area, changing jobs, leaving a marriage, a relationship or an interest of long association. Usually one's emotions suffer in a NINE year, they appear sad, moody and temperamental, because subconsciously they know there's a major change and realignment underway affecting their life structures. You will be sensitive and very intuitive. It's very important that you stay positive and mentally/emotionally optimistic, because next year you'll be called upon to launch a whole new cycle or chapter in your life. The experiences of your Personal Year NINE will require guts and determination... lots of staying power, so gear up now. Be willing to let go of the outworn and no longer useful elements of your life. Issues and emotional involvements will be coming to a head now, so don't start anything new... be patient.

When one is in the NINE Personal Year, anything begun or started will most probably be of short duration, not last and lack permanence. For that reason, it isn't wise to inaugurate new projects until your Personal Year ONE. For the present, continue housecleaning your life, have patience, be loving to others, have compassion, tolerance and forgiveness and above all, don't hang on to things, people or situations that are no longer useful or productive.

The most important principle to be remembered about your NINE year is its purpose... to remove outworn and no longer useful personal relationships, things, attitudes, involvements and interests from your life (making room for new and more vital levels of growth and existence). To some, this catharsis sounds and feels like a brutal, bullying tactic on the part of Mother Nature, but in reality it's a necessary action, since most of us will not let go or release life conditions that no longer foster or support our growth. You might say...the tide is out and everything is exposed on the beach. It's time to clear the flotsam & jetsam from your boat's launching area. When the tide returns in your ONE Personal Year, you will then be ready to sail anew into another challenging NINE year journey.


  1. I made the test, and I'm also in year three. I read through all the years and I thought about my past years and what happened then. It made all sense to me. I've been going through some big changes in my life and it have been tough but feel much better now. So I guess I have a lot of positive things to look forward to this year. My boyfriend is on year one and that is also correct according to the numerology. :)

    1. I'm loving the personal year 3!! But personal year 1 is usually considered to be the most exciting - new beginnings, especially after the personal year 9 (which is usually the most difficult). Your boyfriend is very lucky!! Hopefully he pulled through the 9 year OK ;)

  2. Yeah year 9 was the year i was divorced and year 1 was the year I met my boyfriend. But it is tough to move together with two different families and cultures. I'm kind of a hippie mum and he's the military father so our cultures didn't match. But he's the funny parent and I'm the serious.
    Do you have some nice tips on etsy shops selling nice perfumes?
    And by the way I think your new dreads are so beautiful. I love the sparkling colours.

    1. Sounds typical for a year 9 and 1! And thank you for your kind comment ;)

      I only look at the Etsy perfume shops that sell 100% natural perfumes, since I stay away from synthetics - but I very much recommend having a look at For Strange Women (, as she's really cornered the market in natural perfumery ;)