Wednesday, April 18, 2012

progress ...

I haven't posted about my weight loss progress for a while - it's actually become more of a way of life now! While I'm not 'officially' on the SureSlim programme anymore, I will still be following it until I get to my goal weight. If you're in Australia, I would definitely recommend SureSlim - I think they're in other countries too. Not cheap, but definitely less expensive than a new wardrobe ;)

Over the holiday period I didn't put on weight - amazing, considering how much crap I ate ... but I think my metabolism has been corrected to such an extent that I can get away with more than I used to be able to ;)

Because my day job is 'accounts geek', I just *had* to do a little graph, heh ;)

So I started at 66.5kg (146.6 lbs), and am now 57.7 (127.2). My goal weight is about 54kg (119 lbs), but I will see what my body feels comfortable with ;)

After losing 8.8kg so far (19.4 lbs), I'm feeling pretty good! My old clothes are fitting me (some are loose, and some I still need to fit into), and I'm much fitter than I was. My skin is getting better too (probably all the avocado, nuts and seeds I eat). My aim is to be at my goal weight in the next month or two - definitely in time for my 38th birthday in September - yippee!

I will find some 'before' and 'after' photos as soon as I am at goal - stay tuned!


  1. Does exercise figure into this, or just diet changes?

    1. It's mainly diet changes, though I do a 1 hr Pilates/Cardio/weights combo class every week, and try to walk as much as I can during the rest of the week ;)