Monday, May 7, 2012

cowls, not cows!

Aahhh, this weather is definitely knitting weather!   Pity my knitting skills are pretty dodgy, huh?   I've been watching Anita knitting for the last month or so, and have really felt like knitting.  

I learnt how to knit on circular needles back in the mid 90s, and enjoyed it immensely, even though I stuffed up nearly every project ;)   So I decided I'd knit myself a scarf to get it out of my system, but browsing on the internet unearthed some rather fabulous cowl patterns.  Cowls are a good idea because you can wear them around the house without them coming undone and getting caught in things ... like kitty claws, for example!

Anyway, I decided to knit the first cowl for Anita, since she's currently knitting me a jumper.  She'd bought this fantastic hand-dyed wool from Port Fairy, and was wondering what to do with it:

This will be the Garter Stitch Cowl - very easy, even for me!

And I bought this wool for myself:

It's Kochoran 66 yarn, from Yay For Yarn (who have excellent customer service!).

Anyway, I've decided to go on to Ravelry so I can document the details - if you're on there, please friend me!  There also seems to be tapestry weaving groups, which I will explore further when I have a chance ;)

Why is it that time-poor people tend to pick up MORE things to do?   *sigh*


  1. To answer your last question; Could it be because you are creative and need to have a busy mind and hands? Anyway thats the way it is for me. The wool yarn you picked for yourself looks so nice, I'm curious about how the knit will look like.

    1. I think I'm just insane ;) I thought the wool for myself would have more pink in it ... so maybe I might add a 2-ply tapestry wool as well? Hmmm ;)