Monday, July 30, 2012

The face is starting to emerge ...

The light wasn't absolutely perfect ... but you get the idea!  I've rotated the pic so you can see the way it's meant to be viewed, even though I'm weaving it on the side ;)

This tapestry is going surprisingly smoothly ... I'm literally taking it one warp at a time, trying to enjoy it rather than stressing over details. And I *am* enjoying it - seriously!! I'm going to try weaving this tapestry throughout the week, since my weekends are taken up with my other TAFE homework.

My next assignment due is regarding themes. We have to design 4 tapestries, and choose one from which to weave a sampler. I am going to stick to the goth theme, since these are designs I may want to weave in the future. I'm going to use a similar process to this tapestry - take some random photos and pixelate the faces and incorporate it into the design.

What are other Tapestry students/artists working on at the moment?


Yes, Anita and I finally went out on a Saturday night (though this *was* a couple of weeks ago!).  It's not often we are able to, since we don't like to ask Anita's parents to babysit very often ... but we really wanted to attend Ersatz Culture at our favourite place in Adelaide - Dragonfly Bar

Dragonfly has an awesome atmosphere - it is a restaurant, art gallery and cool club all rolled into one.  Here's a pic from their website, to give you an idea of the decor - though at night it is infused with a deep red light (making it tricky to take photos :P):

We started with dinner, and then moved on to cocktails ... I first tried the Cancan - according to the cocktail list it is "a frilly high kick'n blend of Liqueur de Pomme Vert, Bols Lychee Liqueur, Pimms + a touch of rose syrup, fresh lime and topped with tonic."  YUM!

Anita had to try the Candy Apple Martini, since she's a sucker for apple and cinnamon:  "Like nan's apple crumble meets a fair ground treat.  This little number's not sticky, just sweet.  Combining Russian Standard Vodka, Liqueur de Pomme Vert, Chambord and apple juice, served in a cinnamon rimmed glass."

And them some dude photobombed the pic I took of Anita drinking it, LOL!

We then had a couple of Espresso Martinis ... do you need an explanation of those?  Oh, alright then:  "For late night tuff guys and gals.  A fresh shot of espresso shaken vigorously with Russian Standard Vodka and Tia Maria."  Our favourite ... and everyone else's, judging by how many people were drinking them that night!  We finished the night with a shot of Chartreuse each (well, we *are* goths, after all!).

Awwww!  Pic taken at the end of the night - lucky we didn't have *too* much to drink!

Overall, an amazing night - and if you're in Adelaide, make sure you partake in wine, food, cocktails and tunes at Dragonfly!  ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

instagram pics

OK, so I now have Instagram on my new phone ... so I will be a bit better at posting pics now - well, that's the theory!  ;)

my guest post on bethezda's preoccupations!

I've done a little 'about me' on the lovely Lady Bethezda's blog - it's over HERE!

Please make sure you check out the rest of her blog - she is an absolute make-up whizz kid!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

bowerbird bazaar haul

Last weekend was my favourite design market - Bowerbird Bazaar. Way more upmarket than a craft fair, it's full of very cool designer-makers and artists.

Highlight was seeing Bella from Bellatextiles demonstrating weaving - Lily was very excited! Here she is surrounded by kids (taken from the Bowerbird Bazaar facebook page):

And here's her daughter Katrina on the same loom:

And here's Lily 'helping' Katrina ;)

I found a few gorgeous shops this time around too! Firstly, I bought some gorgeous samples of natural perfume from One Seed from Adelaide:

Then some products from Earthie By Kate - again, natural skincare with no nasties!

And finally, I needed some fingerless gloves, and found some awesomes ones at Textile Allsorts/Body Parts from Melbourne, who create accessories out of recycled jumpers and clothing:

All in all, a very enjoyable day - can't wait until the next Bowerbird in November! ;)

tapestry update ...

Sorry, I've been a bit slack in posting pics of my large tapestry in progress ... truth is, I haven't worked on it much since we moved house, since I've had 2 assignments due in July and have been madly trying to finish those!

But I have a few days off while our kitchen is getting done (that will be a separate blog entry!), so I'm taking the opportunity to work on it!  Here it was before I started on it again:

And some details - I have tried adding a bit of purple, but after getting feedback from my lecturer to 'keep it simple!', I've abandoned it - though I don't think it matters if this bit stays:

After reading Mardi Nowak's blog, and seeing that she use linen to 'stiffen up' her tapestries, I thought I'd give it a go.  So I ordered a couple of cones of linen weft (the purple is for another project) - I've started adding one strand of linen with 2 strands of the 2 ply Ashford Merino in the black - it's GORGEOUS to weave with - not as 'spongy'! 

Pretty expensive though - $18 for 125g, so I will be using it sparingly ;)

I wove solidly from 8.00am yesterday right through to when Anita got home at 6.15pm ... WOAH!  I found I was really enjoying it - I think it's because it's a design I'm really into.  Here's the progress pics:

The curve you can see in the middle of the above pic is where the face will start!  Since I'm weaving on the side, it really looks like this:

And in the next pic you can really see the 'lazy line' technique I've used on the black to avoid too much pulling in on the edges:

I love this technique, because it's not only practical, but also gives some extra texture to a plain part of weaving.  The strand of linen gives a slight sheen too ... just wish I'd ordered some white linen for the face!  Ah well, next tapestry I'll make sure I have a larger collection of linen ;)

OK, back to another day of weaving ... BLISS!!!  ;)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

new dreads

Yep, got new dreads a couple of weeks ago, and forgot to post pics! 

I had a ton of blue hairdye leftover, so I thought I'd go royal blue and pink.  The blue dreads I made didn't turn out bright enough, so I used a couple of old synthetic dreads I had lying around ;)

Here they are before installation:

And after (from a few angles):

Aaaand, even though Cathy of Miasma Hair isn't really making dreads much anymore, I thought I'd take a punt and email her - she was lovely and made me some peacock dreads for my next install - check out these babies:

They look even *more* gorgeous in real life ... seriously, that woman is the Mistress Of Wool Dreads!  :O

I'll have to decide how I will dye the rest of my hair - maybe purple and turquoise? 

I was talking to Bella today (my dread wool supplier), and in order to get this marbled effect I could use a wool carder (that may not be the correct technical term :P) to mix some colours and then felt them into dreads.  Oh, the possibilities!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

products i am using at the moment

I stole this from the Color-Spirit-Attitude blog!

Shampoo:  Organic Instinct Natural Shampoo
Conditioner:  Nature's Quest Natural Conditioner
Styling Products:  lots of Final Net Salon Hairspray
Hair Mask:  -
Shower Gel:  Natural Instinct Natural Body Wash
Body Moisturiser:  Dr Bronner's Magic All-One Organic Lotion - Patchouli Lime
Face Mask:  Beeswax Natural Health & Harmony Carrot & Avocado Face Mask
Moisturiser:  Jojoba oil, and MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense SPF 30 for day, and MuLondon Organic Rose Moisturiser at night
Cleanser:  Jojoba oil to remove makeup, followed by Natural Instinct Foaming Face Cleanser
Foundation:  Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline mineral foundation in 'Frisky Persian'
Powder:  -
Concealer:  Meow Cosmetics Purrrfect Cover Concealer in 'Frisky Persian'
Blush:  Meow Cosmetics VIP Blush in 'Wench'
Bronzer:  -
Highlighter:  -
Eyeshadows:  Mainly Black Rose Minerals and Meow Cosmetics
Eye Primer:  Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
Eyeliner:  Blinc liquid eyeliner
Mascara:  Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara, Black
Lashes:  Experimenting with e.l.f. and Black Cherry so far ...
Lipstick:  Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in 'Rhubarb' and 'Fig'
Lipgloss:  See above - it's a combo ;)
Perfume:  Natural perfumes by ForStrangeWomen and Plume
Nail Colour:  Don't use often, but 'Zoya' brand if I do ;)

Pretty excited that the only real 'nasty' products I use are hairspray and the Blinc eyeliner (haven't found a good mineral eyeliner yet).

What are your favourite products?  Let me know the link so I can have a peek!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ladies in black theme - 'inspired by a song'

I decided to participate in the Ladies In Black Facebook group theme 'Inspired By A Song', because *both* the radio shows I am involved with were named after fantastic songs.

Although Shadowplay is also named after the famous Joy Division song, that was before I joined the show ... therefore, I will be talking about my solo show, Cannibal Roses!

I'll tell you a secret ... back in the late 90s I used to listen to an awesome radio show called Blood & Black Dahlias - the name changed to Shadowplay in 2004, because James and Anita found 'Blood & Black Dahlias' a bit of a mouthful!.

I had no idea that I'd be co-hosting this show more than a decade later ... but at the time I thought 'wouldn't it be AWESOME to have my own radio show!!'.   I also thought it would be awesome to call it 'Cannibal Roses', since that was my favourite Siouxsie And The Banshees song at the time.

Fast forward to 2011 - Shadowplay had moved from our local Adelaide radio station to Cathedral 13 in September, and we were gaining popularity.   A lot of bands were sending us music that I didn't think fit in to the goth/darkwave/deathrock sound, but sounded more post-punk.   I love post-punk - some of my favourite bands are The Birthday Party, The Fall, Public Image Limited, etc.   I also love coldwave music such as Bunker Strasse, Tanit, Norma Loy and the like - and again, even though I played coldwave on Shadowplay, it didn't really fit in.

So in November I approached Tom (who runs Cathedral 13) about doing another show - this time a monthly show focussing on Coldwave and Post-Punk ... and he immediately asked me when it would be starting ;)   First show was December 3, and it's been running ever since, broadcasting every Saturday.

I'm not sure how popular it is, but I've been getting some good feedback, so hopefully people are enjoying it! And bands don't seem to be offended when I say 'actually, that would fit in really well to Cannibal Roses instead of Shadowplay!' ;)

And the song? Well, I first heard it on the 12" of Slowdive.

I opened the first show of Cannibal Roses with this song ... since I can't convert from vinyl, it was from the brilliant CD compilation of the Banshees' B-sides, Downside Up - highly recommended!

Here are the lyrics - I'm including them here because they are so very tongue-in-cheek Siouxsie!

Listening to their murmurings
Trespassing through the topiary
Lulled by siren perfumes
Of their seductive petal openings

Cannibal roses
Enticing our noses
With exotic aromas
Then they bite off our noses
Whilst stood on our toeses

Red snappers and finger pops
Fighting off psycho pomps
Ring a ring a roses
To cannibal roses

It's been one of those mornings
They came with no warning
It's been one of those mornings

Siouxsie's comment on this song:  "About this time strange things were happening around me.  I swear that a giant sunflower started to grow outside my 1st floor flat in Queens Park.  Its head used to peer in the window at me when it thought I wasn't looking.  Life was imitating art."

Every episode of Cannibal Roses is opened with a Siouxsie And The Banshees track (the less popular, the better!) - sort of a homage to my younger self listening to the Banshees in my bedroom ...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

the peacock clutch

Finally!!  I have pics of my beautiful Anita using her peacock clutch. 

We were at McLaren Vale, at the iconic D'Arenberg winery, dining at one of our favourite restaurants - d'Arrys Verandah - for Anita's mum's 60th birthday.  We *may* have purchased some of that yummy wine to take home with us ... mmmmmm ;)

One side of the bag:

And the other!

Oh, and Lily asked if she could go on my blog with her ice cream toy (randomly??):

Here are a couple more detailed pics of the bag:

It looks great, and attracted a lot of attention ... but good grief, it was an absolute *shit* to put together!!  In the end I had to cut it up and buy a new clasp in order for it to work.   Great design, but the instructions were not thought out properly, and the design printed on the canvas did not fit the clasp enclosed in the kit.  Ah well, it turned out OK eventually!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

random wednesday post

Wow, that's a snappy title!  Well, I'm not feeling 100% - I have a cough ... not a cold, but a cough.  Weird.

Anyway, I took some pics today that I thought I'd share with you ;)

Corner of the studio which I can actually work in (where I'm sitting right now, in fact!).  I haven't finished cleaning up, but you get the idea ;)

I'm not sure what Frankie was looking at ... well, I *did* put that couch there for the cats ;)

Even though I was feeling poorly, I still worked on my large tapestry - the first time I've been able to do so since we moved!

And ... do you remember the Felicity Hall needlepoint clutch I stitched for Anita?  Well, the design (printed on the canvas) didn't fit the purse clasp, and the instructions were pretty bad (and a messy way to put the bag together) - so I decided to pull the whole thing apart, buy my own clasp, chop up the needlepoint and start making it up *my* way ... it's already looking better ;)   This is why I design my own!

This pic was taken after gluing in the frame on one side of the purse (note the essential gloves - learnt that lesson the hard way!).  Tomorrow I'll attach the other, then it has Friday to completely cure enough for Anita to use it on Saturday.

I hope everyone is feeling a lot healthier than I do!