Tuesday, July 24, 2012

bowerbird bazaar haul

Last weekend was my favourite design market - Bowerbird Bazaar. Way more upmarket than a craft fair, it's full of very cool designer-makers and artists.

Highlight was seeing Bella from Bellatextiles demonstrating weaving - Lily was very excited! Here she is surrounded by kids (taken from the Bowerbird Bazaar facebook page):

And here's her daughter Katrina on the same loom:

And here's Lily 'helping' Katrina ;)

I found a few gorgeous shops this time around too! Firstly, I bought some gorgeous samples of natural perfume from One Seed from Adelaide:

Then some products from Earthie By Kate - again, natural skincare with no nasties!

And finally, I needed some fingerless gloves, and found some awesomes ones at Textile Allsorts/Body Parts from Melbourne, who create accessories out of recycled jumpers and clothing:

All in all, a very enjoyable day - can't wait until the next Bowerbird in November! ;)


  1. I wish I could make my way to a crafts market sometime.

    1. Yeah, I don't usually do crafts markets per se, but this one is more of a designer market - apparently they have a very strict selection process to keep the quality high! ;)