Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ladies in black theme - 'inspired by a song'

I decided to participate in the Ladies In Black Facebook group theme 'Inspired By A Song', because *both* the radio shows I am involved with were named after fantastic songs.

Although Shadowplay is also named after the famous Joy Division song, that was before I joined the show ... therefore, I will be talking about my solo show, Cannibal Roses!

I'll tell you a secret ... back in the late 90s I used to listen to an awesome radio show called Blood & Black Dahlias - the name changed to Shadowplay in 2004, because James and Anita found 'Blood & Black Dahlias' a bit of a mouthful!.

I had no idea that I'd be co-hosting this show more than a decade later ... but at the time I thought 'wouldn't it be AWESOME to have my own radio show!!'.   I also thought it would be awesome to call it 'Cannibal Roses', since that was my favourite Siouxsie And The Banshees song at the time.

Fast forward to 2011 - Shadowplay had moved from our local Adelaide radio station to Cathedral 13 in September, and we were gaining popularity.   A lot of bands were sending us music that I didn't think fit in to the goth/darkwave/deathrock sound, but sounded more post-punk.   I love post-punk - some of my favourite bands are The Birthday Party, The Fall, Public Image Limited, etc.   I also love coldwave music such as Bunker Strasse, Tanit, Norma Loy and the like - and again, even though I played coldwave on Shadowplay, it didn't really fit in.

So in November I approached Tom (who runs Cathedral 13) about doing another show - this time a monthly show focussing on Coldwave and Post-Punk ... and he immediately asked me when it would be starting ;)   First show was December 3, and it's been running ever since, broadcasting every Saturday.

I'm not sure how popular it is, but I've been getting some good feedback, so hopefully people are enjoying it! And bands don't seem to be offended when I say 'actually, that would fit in really well to Cannibal Roses instead of Shadowplay!' ;)

And the song? Well, I first heard it on the 12" of Slowdive.

I opened the first show of Cannibal Roses with this song ... since I can't convert from vinyl, it was from the brilliant CD compilation of the Banshees' B-sides, Downside Up - highly recommended!

Here are the lyrics - I'm including them here because they are so very tongue-in-cheek Siouxsie!

Listening to their murmurings
Trespassing through the topiary
Lulled by siren perfumes
Of their seductive petal openings

Cannibal roses
Enticing our noses
With exotic aromas
Then they bite off our noses
Whilst stood on our toeses

Red snappers and finger pops
Fighting off psycho pomps
Ring a ring a roses
To cannibal roses

It's been one of those mornings
They came with no warning
It's been one of those mornings

Siouxsie's comment on this song:  "About this time strange things were happening around me.  I swear that a giant sunflower started to grow outside my 1st floor flat in Queens Park.  Its head used to peer in the window at me when it thought I wasn't looking.  Life was imitating art."

Every episode of Cannibal Roses is opened with a Siouxsie And The Banshees track (the less popular, the better!) - sort of a homage to my younger self listening to the Banshees in my bedroom ...


  1. Wow, how cool that you started co-hosting a radio show that you listened to so long ago. What a story.
    Love your post, thanks for participating!!!!

    1. Thanks gorgeous!

      I know, it's crazy!! When we moved house, I even found a cassette tape of Blood And Black Dahlias that I had kept :P

  2. Just found your blog through Bethezda :) Cannibal Roses, one of my all time favs! Also reminds me of siting in my bedroom listening to Sioux. I'll definitely check out your radio show!

    1. Hi Pixie! Wow, it's great to meet someone who knows the song - yaaay!! ;)