Monday, July 30, 2012


Yes, Anita and I finally went out on a Saturday night (though this *was* a couple of weeks ago!).  It's not often we are able to, since we don't like to ask Anita's parents to babysit very often ... but we really wanted to attend Ersatz Culture at our favourite place in Adelaide - Dragonfly Bar

Dragonfly has an awesome atmosphere - it is a restaurant, art gallery and cool club all rolled into one.  Here's a pic from their website, to give you an idea of the decor - though at night it is infused with a deep red light (making it tricky to take photos :P):

We started with dinner, and then moved on to cocktails ... I first tried the Cancan - according to the cocktail list it is "a frilly high kick'n blend of Liqueur de Pomme Vert, Bols Lychee Liqueur, Pimms + a touch of rose syrup, fresh lime and topped with tonic."  YUM!

Anita had to try the Candy Apple Martini, since she's a sucker for apple and cinnamon:  "Like nan's apple crumble meets a fair ground treat.  This little number's not sticky, just sweet.  Combining Russian Standard Vodka, Liqueur de Pomme Vert, Chambord and apple juice, served in a cinnamon rimmed glass."

And them some dude photobombed the pic I took of Anita drinking it, LOL!

We then had a couple of Espresso Martinis ... do you need an explanation of those?  Oh, alright then:  "For late night tuff guys and gals.  A fresh shot of espresso shaken vigorously with Russian Standard Vodka and Tia Maria."  Our favourite ... and everyone else's, judging by how many people were drinking them that night!  We finished the night with a shot of Chartreuse each (well, we *are* goths, after all!).

Awwww!  Pic taken at the end of the night - lucky we didn't have *too* much to drink!

Overall, an amazing night - and if you're in Adelaide, make sure you partake in wine, food, cocktails and tunes at Dragonfly!  ;)


  1. OMG all of those drinks sound sooooo yummy! Glad ya'll had fun. You look super cute!

    1. Aww, thanks! They *were* all very yummy!! ;)