Wednesday, July 4, 2012

random wednesday post

Wow, that's a snappy title!  Well, I'm not feeling 100% - I have a cough ... not a cold, but a cough.  Weird.

Anyway, I took some pics today that I thought I'd share with you ;)

Corner of the studio which I can actually work in (where I'm sitting right now, in fact!).  I haven't finished cleaning up, but you get the idea ;)

I'm not sure what Frankie was looking at ... well, I *did* put that couch there for the cats ;)

Even though I was feeling poorly, I still worked on my large tapestry - the first time I've been able to do so since we moved!

And ... do you remember the Felicity Hall needlepoint clutch I stitched for Anita?  Well, the design (printed on the canvas) didn't fit the purse clasp, and the instructions were pretty bad (and a messy way to put the bag together) - so I decided to pull the whole thing apart, buy my own clasp, chop up the needlepoint and start making it up *my* way ... it's already looking better ;)   This is why I design my own!

This pic was taken after gluing in the frame on one side of the purse (note the essential gloves - learnt that lesson the hard way!).  Tomorrow I'll attach the other, then it has Friday to completely cure enough for Anita to use it on Saturday.

I hope everyone is feeling a lot healthier than I do! 


  1. Is that office chair from Ikea? If it is, please tell me if it's comfy! I've been looking at it and since my old chair is in shreds (thank you kitties) I have to get a new one soon.

    1. Yes it is, and yes it's AWESOME!! Very comfy, and very good back support ;)