Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tapestry update ...

Sorry, I've been a bit slack in posting pics of my large tapestry in progress ... truth is, I haven't worked on it much since we moved house, since I've had 2 assignments due in July and have been madly trying to finish those!

But I have a few days off while our kitchen is getting done (that will be a separate blog entry!), so I'm taking the opportunity to work on it!  Here it was before I started on it again:

And some details - I have tried adding a bit of purple, but after getting feedback from my lecturer to 'keep it simple!', I've abandoned it - though I don't think it matters if this bit stays:

After reading Mardi Nowak's blog, and seeing that she use linen to 'stiffen up' her tapestries, I thought I'd give it a go.  So I ordered a couple of cones of linen weft (the purple is for another project) - I've started adding one strand of linen with 2 strands of the 2 ply Ashford Merino in the black - it's GORGEOUS to weave with - not as 'spongy'! 

Pretty expensive though - $18 for 125g, so I will be using it sparingly ;)

I wove solidly from 8.00am yesterday right through to when Anita got home at 6.15pm ... WOAH!  I found I was really enjoying it - I think it's because it's a design I'm really into.  Here's the progress pics:

The curve you can see in the middle of the above pic is where the face will start!  Since I'm weaving on the side, it really looks like this:

And in the next pic you can really see the 'lazy line' technique I've used on the black to avoid too much pulling in on the edges:

I love this technique, because it's not only practical, but also gives some extra texture to a plain part of weaving.  The strand of linen gives a slight sheen too ... just wish I'd ordered some white linen for the face!  Ah well, next tapestry I'll make sure I have a larger collection of linen ;)

OK, back to another day of weaving ... BLISS!!!  ;)


  1. Lots of weaving = BLISS - except for your shoulders. I hope you are doing your exercises!
    It's looking good, I love the purple that sits so subtly with the black.
    I must get to and do some weaving, you are reminding me of the joy that can be had.

  2. Thanks Mary! I must confess, I have to force myself to stretch, as I get so involved I tend to forget ... looking forward to getting a rug for the studio so I don't have to stretch on the hard floor ;)

    Maybe I'll slip the purple in every now and then ... there is a large part in the middle that is all black, so it might break it up a bit ;)

  3. Looks great Michelle. I love the look of that 'lazy line' technique ... will have to remember that.

    1. It's great for large areas of one colour - if you weave right across (like I did on the sampler), it tends to pull in the edges. So it's better to break it up into smaller sections ;)

  4. Hi Michelle
    I am very impressed at the amount of weaving you have done on your tapestry as I have only started the hem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am miles behind. Your tapestry looks fantastic and I really like the lazy line technique; I have not heard of it before. It looks effective.

    1. Thanks Glennis! I wouldn't have done so much if I hadn't have had those few days to weave while the kitchen was being done ;)

      Will you be posting pics of your progress too? *hint* :P

  5. I plan to when I have something done; maybe once a week.

  6. Good - you've given a lot of technical detail - which, as you know, I'm partial to. These exchanges of information enhance everyone's work - or is it blissful play? Thanks again Michelle. BTW, when the kitchen's done, who is the cook?


    1. No worries Misha - I myself love reading the nitty gritty details too, which is why I post them myself ;)

      Oh, Anita is *definitely* the cook! I hate cooking, luckily Anita loves it ;) Also, the kitchen has been raised for her 6'2" height ... I'm 5'2", so that's another good excuse not to cook ;)