Wednesday, August 29, 2012

guilty strangers - 'oracle'

My friends Guilty Strangers from San Antonio, Texas have just released their new album 'Oracle' for free download on Zorch Factory Records - get it HERE

I describe them as post-punk with a goth/deathrock tinge ;) 

Their other releases on Zorch can be found HERE - check them out!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the week in pictures

Ridiculously cute kitteh:

My new business cards!

Tapestry ideas ... incorporating album cover bits into my work:

Finally got around to hanging a few of my needlepoints in the studio ... eventually those walls will be white, with purple accents in the window alcoves ;)

And here's me with my new Cemetary Girlz tshirt (and yes, that's the 'correct' spelling :P)

Hope everyone's having a great week so far! ;)

Friday, August 24, 2012

15% off everything on my storenvy shop!

As a welcome to my new Storenvy Shop, I have a promotion until the end of September 2012:

15% off all products!

Visit my store on Storenvy

Just enter the code 'welcome' upon checkout - and feel free to share the discount code with your friends!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Has anyone here shopped on Storenvy? I feel I'm getting lost on Etsy, so thought I'd try another store ... what do you think?

My aim is to slowly transfer the kits to Storenvy to see how they go - they're already getting more daily views than Etsy, probably because Etsy has become so big that products get lost!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

large tapestry update

Just a couple of Instagram pics to show you my progress ... 20cm down, around 50cm more to go - eeeeek!!

And this is Frankie 'helping' - thanks Frankie!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

kitchen makeover

One of the first jobs when we moved in was replacing the kitchen ... it was original to the house (so around 1984), and even though the last owners had painted it, it was still pretty daggy! Also, Anita is the cook in our household, and she's 6'2", so wanted a kitchen that was raised a bit higher than the average.

Here are a few 'before' photos - note the gorgeous hessian-look benchtops and cork facings :O

And here's the start of demolition:

Old kitchen's gone!

New cabinets started going in very quickly:

And this was at the end of day 1 - Greg worked without any break from 8.00am right through to 6.15pm!

Day 2 - bench tops have started being installed ...

And the finished kitchen (except for splashback) - more pics when the splashback has been done (we haven't decided what we want yet) ... hopefully you get the idea ;)

We don't have a proper laundry, but a little alcove.  They replaced the laundry trough, and installed a cabinet with new sink, and bench over the cabinet and washing machine - awesome!

Ha, you can just see Frankie in the foreground :)  Next step is to get the dryer mounted on the wall, and some shelving installed.  But that's another blog update ...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

another gorgeous trip to robe ...

Robe is one of our favourite places - a gorgeous seaside town, we love going in off-peak season so we can enjoy our favourite food and wine meccas ;)

We visited Wild Mulberry Cafe last time, but this time we had the opportunity to chat to the owners, Paul and Kiri - we confess we went there every day of our visit ... breakfast on Monday, lunch on Tuesday, and coffee on Wednesday :P

Anyway, this is not a travel blog ... but I'd still love to share some pics with you.  But first, the obligatory Larry The Lobster pic from Kingston SE - I know I took a picture of him last time, but hey, he's still impressive 30 years after first seeing him ;)

Australians love large man-made objects - I'm thinking of the Big Rocking Horse and Big Orange ... but here is a list of even more of them ;)

Another great Australian icon - the 'community announcement signs' - though I've heard they've had complaints about this series:

Anita thought I wasn't dressed appropriately for hiking around the town ... I have no idea what she's talking about!

And because people love outfit posts (which I don't normally do), here are my 'dressing casual' outfits.  First, my favourite jumper, which I paired with my black bloomers (not shown):

And next my new pink and black bloomers, from the best bloomer-maker in the world ;)

Anita enjoying chocolate mouse at Vic Street Pizzeria - YUM!

Got a bit of stitching done too ...

Can't wait to go back!!  ;)

tapestry sampler finished!

Another assignment bites the dust!

Looks a bit more pop art than goth ... but studying is all about refining the techniques and getting the 'visual language' just right ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

the goth deathrock tapestry project

OK, so you know I'm interested in designing tapestries in the Goth/Deathrock theme ... well, I've decided to create a separate blog, collating images that people will be sending me so I can have a Goth 'image library'.

Are you, or do you know Goths / Deathrockers who would like to be part of this project?

Here's the blog:

It's basic so far, but will be 'prettied up' when I have a chance ;)

Share it around, and let me know if you're interested!  Doesn't matter if they're old or new pics, as long as they're visually striking ;)

Thank you!!  xxoo

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

another 'goth' tapestry sampler

OK, since I've been trying to incorporate the 'Goth Subculture' theme in as many TAFE Tapestry assignments as I can, I've included it in the 'working with themes' subject - easy!

What's not so easy is the fact that I've been so busy making up cross stitch kits to sell, that I haven't been spending as much time doing my homework as I should have ... this one is due to be posted by this Friday - eeeeek!!!

So of course, Michelle chooses to warp up her small loom in a fine warp sett - 12 epi!  Gawd, I'm such an idiot!!  But I really enjoy working at a finer sett, even though it will take me twice as long ;)

Anyway, here are some progress shots through the day ...

And after last night's effort (show the 'right' way up):

Bear in mind I have not been sewing the slits as I'm weaving, so there are a lot of gaps ... there are also a few adjustments I will be making after it comes off the loom.

But so far, so good!  It's looking a bit too 'pop art' for my liking, but I will try to rectify that with a bit of over-embroidery afterwards ;)  I want it to have that same 'raw' look that my first goth sampler had - I don't want it to look cartoonish.

Technically speaking, I have used one strand of linen and one strand of ATW yarn for the purple background (hair) - I am so in love with this linen, it's AWESOME!  I will definitely be ordering as much as I can afford, since it gives such a gorgeous finish when mixed with wool.  The darker lines in the hair are one strand of purple linen and one strand of black 2 ply wool.  A very nice mix.  I really wish I had some white linen, because that would have worked beautifully on the face.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

mask for - stolen flowers

Woops, just realised I hadn't posted any music for a while! 

I first heard Mask For when I was listening to Cathedral 13 and straight away emailed Tom (who runs C13):  'WHO ARE THEY??'

Well, I'm hooked now ... they were a German Goth / Post-Punk band from the 80s - you can find out more here ;)   Enjoy!

my week so far in pictures ...

Stitching the Bats bookmark - I originally designed this as a PDF pattern for someone on Etsy ... I'm going to make it available as a kit in my shop soon ;)

Part of a massive wool order I received last night - *swoon*!

After receiving a HUGE kit order (woooohoooo!!), I decided I really needed to stock-take my supplies - here are the 'wool bags' that are part of each kit:

And speaking of the huge order, here are some of those kits ready to be posted:

Last night Anita was excited to get her first organic fruit & veg box from Jupiter Creek Farm!  Hopefully her vegie patch will supplement this box in the near future ;)

Aaaand, here's a a kitteh pic to finish off with ... why is it that as soon as cats see something where it shouldn't be, they just *have* to sit on it??

I hope everyone else is having a good week too!   :D