Wednesday, August 15, 2012

another gorgeous trip to robe ...

Robe is one of our favourite places - a gorgeous seaside town, we love going in off-peak season so we can enjoy our favourite food and wine meccas ;)

We visited Wild Mulberry Cafe last time, but this time we had the opportunity to chat to the owners, Paul and Kiri - we confess we went there every day of our visit ... breakfast on Monday, lunch on Tuesday, and coffee on Wednesday :P

Anyway, this is not a travel blog ... but I'd still love to share some pics with you.  But first, the obligatory Larry The Lobster pic from Kingston SE - I know I took a picture of him last time, but hey, he's still impressive 30 years after first seeing him ;)

Australians love large man-made objects - I'm thinking of the Big Rocking Horse and Big Orange ... but here is a list of even more of them ;)

Another great Australian icon - the 'community announcement signs' - though I've heard they've had complaints about this series:

Anita thought I wasn't dressed appropriately for hiking around the town ... I have no idea what she's talking about!

And because people love outfit posts (which I don't normally do), here are my 'dressing casual' outfits.  First, my favourite jumper, which I paired with my black bloomers (not shown):

And next my new pink and black bloomers, from the best bloomer-maker in the world ;)

Anita enjoying chocolate mouse at Vic Street Pizzeria - YUM!

Got a bit of stitching done too ...

Can't wait to go back!!  ;)


  1. Oooh, I love them stripey bloomers! And look how cute you are, with your matching sunglasses and hair!! (Jeez, I hope they match - I had to really squint to see the picture - one of the hazards of getting older.) :P

    1. Haaaha, thanks - of course they match, I *always* match!! I even brought my 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses, since the pink specs don't match my red and black bloomers, heh heh :P

  2. You have a great sense for style! I loved that scull shirt. Its nice to get away now and then, its only when I'm away from home I can feel like I'm having a vacation.

    1. Aww, thanks gorgeous! I can have a holiday at home too, but it *is* nice going out of the city for a few days ;)