Tuesday, August 7, 2012

another 'goth' tapestry sampler

OK, since I've been trying to incorporate the 'Goth Subculture' theme in as many TAFE Tapestry assignments as I can, I've included it in the 'working with themes' subject - easy!

What's not so easy is the fact that I've been so busy making up cross stitch kits to sell, that I haven't been spending as much time doing my homework as I should have ... this one is due to be posted by this Friday - eeeeek!!!

So of course, Michelle chooses to warp up her small loom in a fine warp sett - 12 epi!  Gawd, I'm such an idiot!!  But I really enjoy working at a finer sett, even though it will take me twice as long ;)

Anyway, here are some progress shots through the day ...

And after last night's effort (show the 'right' way up):

Bear in mind I have not been sewing the slits as I'm weaving, so there are a lot of gaps ... there are also a few adjustments I will be making after it comes off the loom.

But so far, so good!  It's looking a bit too 'pop art' for my liking, but I will try to rectify that with a bit of over-embroidery afterwards ;)  I want it to have that same 'raw' look that my first goth sampler had - I don't want it to look cartoonish.

Technically speaking, I have used one strand of linen and one strand of ATW yarn for the purple background (hair) - I am so in love with this linen, it's AWESOME!  I will definitely be ordering as much as I can afford, since it gives such a gorgeous finish when mixed with wool.  The darker lines in the hair are one strand of purple linen and one strand of black 2 ply wool.  A very nice mix.  I really wish I had some white linen, because that would have worked beautifully on the face.


  1. Wow, have you been busy! Moving, weaving, working and the nitelife!

    Lovely detail in your pics.
    Was away for a awhile with a clumsy computer so communicaton was a bit sporadic - apols.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Christine - I have 2 more nights to finish it ... panic is setting in, I hope I can pull it off! :P

  3. The amount of work in what you do, and the results are really very neat.
    I've always wanted to try, though my head is so crammed with other "in progress" crafts lol

    It's a lot of fun being able to see the people who are truly passionate about their specialization do their "thing"

    1. Thank you! My work isn't all that neat up close ... but it's getting better all the time :)

      Mmm, I confess I have a few other projects 'in progress' too, heh heh! ;)

  4. These are great! I am so excited to find someone younger than me (!!!) weaving tapestry! (And that is saying something because I just turned 40. You're probably half my age! Seriously, we need some young blood.) You go girl! (And I figured Australia was way ahead of the dumb USA on the gay marriage thing. Huh.)

    1. Hi Rebecca, nice to meet you!! Actually, I'm only a smidge younger than you - I'm 38 this year! :P

      Yeah, it's weird that Australia hasn't yet revised their marriage laws - whether we would get married or not, it would be nice to have a choice like everyone else does!

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    1. Thanks, I'm getting better every day!!

  6. How did you go Michelle? Get it finished in time? What's the TAFE's policy on late assignment submissions?
    Also been meaning to ask what kind of adjustments you make after it comes off the loom?

    1. I've never handed in an assignment late - I'm such a control freak with deadlines, I'd rather pull all-nighters than ask for extensions :P I know, insane right?

      I need to do another blog post with the finished sampler ... the only adjustments I did was embroider a couple of things I forgot to weave - such as a bit more black on the eye, and some purple on the hair over the eye. Since this was a small sampler, I sewed the slits afterwards, but on the large one I'm sewing as I go. I also plaited in the warp ends, then sewed them to the back of the piece.

  7. ah thanks Michelle, I'm looking at mine & thinking I may have to add some colour in places I missed. (and an all-nighter or 2 might be needed here this week!)