Wednesday, August 29, 2012

guilty strangers - 'oracle'

My friends Guilty Strangers from San Antonio, Texas have just released their new album 'Oracle' for free download on Zorch Factory Records - get it HERE

I describe them as post-punk with a goth/deathrock tinge ;) 

Their other releases on Zorch can be found HERE - check them out!


  1. Oh,shit,they're from here? I adore them,haha.

    1. Yeah, they're awesome! Actually, I'm playing another band from San Antonio on September's Cannibal Roses (starting Saturday) - Heart's Fail. They're kinda post-punk in an Interpol sort of way ;)

    2. I listen to them,too,actually. I knew they were from around here,though.
      Now that I think about it,I think that Guilty Strangers and Hearts Fail opened for a slightly larger band at the White Rabbit(local alt club) sometime last year.I want to say they opened for The Birthday Massacre,but they're so far apart stylistically I'm not sure.(I apparently have the long term memory of a gold fish.)

    3. They *did* open for the Birthday Massacre!! I remember, because the band were quite surprised they were asked ;)