Thursday, August 16, 2012

kitchen makeover

One of the first jobs when we moved in was replacing the kitchen ... it was original to the house (so around 1984), and even though the last owners had painted it, it was still pretty daggy! Also, Anita is the cook in our household, and she's 6'2", so wanted a kitchen that was raised a bit higher than the average.

Here are a few 'before' photos - note the gorgeous hessian-look benchtops and cork facings :O

And here's the start of demolition:

Old kitchen's gone!

New cabinets started going in very quickly:

And this was at the end of day 1 - Greg worked without any break from 8.00am right through to 6.15pm!

Day 2 - bench tops have started being installed ...

And the finished kitchen (except for splashback) - more pics when the splashback has been done (we haven't decided what we want yet) ... hopefully you get the idea ;)

We don't have a proper laundry, but a little alcove.  They replaced the laundry trough, and installed a cabinet with new sink, and bench over the cabinet and washing machine - awesome!

Ha, you can just see Frankie in the foreground :)  Next step is to get the dryer mounted on the wall, and some shelving installed.  But that's another blog update ...


  1. wow, you just ripped that old one right outta there! lol
    I like your black countertops

    1. I know, it was so quick!!! We thought the black would go well with the (hopefully) turquoise blue splashback ;)

  2. What a great improvement! I like the white cabinets with black tops. You really can't go wrong with white and black basics in a kitchen - it gives you a lot of options for decorating. I look forward to seeing what you decide on for the splashback. :)

    1. I can't wait to see what we decide too, haaha!! Guess we have to visit a whole pile of tile shops - only problem is, the trend for Australian kitchens right now is RED - red kitchen tiles everywhere! Turquoise blue tiles are harder to find than we suspected, even for bathrooms :O

  3. Wow, I thought that our "before" kitchen would win the Worst Kitchen Ever Award. It was pepto-bismal pink and red. But I actually think yours may have beaten it! Sure looks awesome now, though!! :o)

    1. Heh, yeah nothing beats that hessian-look benchtop!! :P

      Pink and red sounds cool ... but I guess it has to be the *right* pink and red ;)