Wednesday, August 15, 2012

tapestry sampler finished!

Another assignment bites the dust!

Looks a bit more pop art than goth ... but studying is all about refining the techniques and getting the 'visual language' just right ;)


  1. Amazing! You do so much you make me feel tired.
    I hate doing samplers but yours is good in itself, so that would be more pleasing. Maybe I had better think about being a bit more exacting. Well done.
    how big will the final one be?

    1. I make myself feel tired sometimes too!! :P

      I'm not doing a 'final piece' from this sampler - the sampler itself was the actual assignment - which is good, because I'm too busy working on my large tapestry due in November (which is 55cm wide x 70cm long) ;)

  2. Very comic-book styles. Make a great little series. Also its a really good result from such a restricted colour palette too Michelle.
    Keep up the good work. Smiles-S

    1. Thanks Stephenie!

      I really enjoy restricting myself to only 3 colours ... I may get told soon to add more, but for the moment it really suits my aesthetic :)