Wednesday, November 21, 2012

natural perfumes

For a while I have been changing over all my synthetic skin creams, make-up and perfumes to natural versions, with excellent results. Anita especially had rashes from commercial perfumes, which have now stopped since using natural oil-based ones.

Since my favourite natural perfume from For Strange Women has been discontinued (Sweet Androgyny - *cries*!), I have been ordering samples from all over the internet, looking for new favourites. This post is both for my own reference, as well as providing suggestions in case you are looking for natural alternatives ;)

Satin Corset by For Strange Women:  One of her gorgeous solid perfumes set in jojoba and beeswax - floral blend, vanilla bourbon and tonka.

Bloody Kisses by Dawn To Dusk Essentials: OK, the name is a bit tacky, but what a fragrance! I actually received this one free with other samples, and did not expect to love it so much - it's a combination of Cardamom, Pink Lotus, Turkish Rose, Black Tea & Oud (in a base of sweet almond oil and coconut oil).

Fragoletta by Plume Natural Perfumery: Florals and clary sage on a base of oakmoss and labdanum.

Courage by One Seed Perfume: Seller from my hometown of Adelaide ... this is a blend of musky ylang ylang blossom, magnolia & rosewood and blends seamlessly with creamy vanilla, white jasmine & magnetic amber. This one is more expensive, but it is a far more sophisticated perfume - still natural, but with the feel of a commercial Eau de Parfum.

Graveyard Dirt by Flossie Fern: Patchouli, spikenard and rose - gorgeous combination, but needs to be reapplied more often.

I have a little bowl of samples that I still need to get through - I've promised myself I'll use them all before buying more perfume!!

Have you come across any natural perfumes recently?


  1. I've been going through my 20 or so samples from Alkemia Perfumes on Etsy. So far, my favourite is Ghost Fire, but I need to start making notes at this point, so I don't forget which ones I like and which I don't. I like the sounds of Graveyard Dirt, and not just because of the name! :D

    1. Oh,I'll have to look them up!
      Graveyard Dirt is awesome - I love patchouli ;)

  2. I need to find some solid perfume/ deodorent that is natural, so will not irritate me. My skin is allergic to nearly everything at the moment. I was thinking of trying the ones at Lush. Have you ever used them?

    Even if I use natural products I will have to be careful, as I seem to be allergic to some things like lemon.

    the Bloody kisses sounds really beautiful, how long does it last? I need one that lasts all day.

    1. Lush are awful - full of chemical nasties! They're pretty upfront about that on their website and catalogues though ...

      Natural perfumes don't last all day, because they don't have the chemicals in them - saying that, One Seed lasts longer than the others (probably why it's more expensive!). I don't have an issue reapplying at lunch time though ;)

  3. Looking through all the samples and being confused by all the choices! Which to choose, arrrrgh!

  4. There is this brand of oil perfumes that I literally cannot live without anymore; Song Of India.
    SO rich and long lasting... words fail to describe the sheer beauty of their sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine and night queen!

    Other than those, create my own; ever since my mother bought me a 'create your own perfume' chem set as a child, I was hooked on perfume making. Today I just buy the essential oils and do my own thing heheh.

    1. I'll go and have a look! But yes, far better to create your own - how cool to get a perfume making set as a child!!

      I confess I'm a bit of a sucker for patchouli :P