Thursday, November 22, 2012

yurt girl world

Check out Anita's banner for her new blog!

It was designed by the amazing Jeski - if you want graphic design/drawings, please go and visit her - she's amazing! Can you see Lily and I in the background?? I love the fact that I'm wearing my bloomers and have a glass of wine in my hand ;)

Anita's tried her hand at a couple of blogs in the past, but has been a bit directionless ... now we have the 'Yurt' (technically a 'geodesic dome' ... but Geodesic Dome Girl World doesn't have the same ring to it :P), she is passionate about our garden, growing more veggies so we can be more self-sufficient, cooking, and DIYing. Her first post is a little video introduction.

Anyway, please follow her if you're interested! ;)


  1. She is adorable! Sounds so interesting and I love the sound of your house :) I'm envious of your lemon tree ;)

    1. She is!! (I *might* be biased :P)
      I love our house - we're very lucky it found us!

      I think Anita has lots of plans for lots of fruit trees ;)