Tuesday, December 18, 2012

hair dye

I *love* dyeing my hair, and have been doing so for many many years. Brightly coloured hair dye is way more readily available than when I was younger - in the early 90s I struggled to find Fudge Paintbox, whereas now I can buy any brand I want on the internet. Ah, the internet!!

I will add to this post as I find more pictures (I wish I had taken more in the past!). The links I have given are from the 'Beeunique Hair Dye Gallery'- not because I purchase from there, but because I have found it a very good reference for how the colours look on different people ;)

Pink: Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink (lasts well, needs refreshing every 1-2 weeks)
Green: Special Effects Iguana Green (green isn't very long-wearing - the more lime, the less it lasts)

Pink: Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink
Orange: Manic Panic Electric Lava (lasts well, needs refreshing every 1-2 weeks)

Purple: Crazy Color Violette (turns a pastel purple after a week)
Blue/Green: Crazy Color Peacock Blue (can last up to 3 weeks - amazing!!)

Turquoise: Special Effects Fish Bowl (lasts around 2 weeks - brilliant, much better than Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise)
Pink: Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

Royal Blue: Manic Panic Shocking Blue (lasts very well - around 2 weeks)
Pink: Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

Purple: Manic Panic Ultra Violet (needs refreshing after 1 week)
Red: Manic Panic Wildfire (amazing red, lasts 1-2 weeks - I used to use Pillar Box Red, but it must be a new formulation, as it isn't as bright anymore)

Hrmm, I use Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink waaaaay too often!! :P

FYI, I visit my hairdresser every 4 weeks - she bleaches the roots of the coloured areas, refreshes the colour and dyes the black with Paul Mitchell semi-permanent black hair dye. I maintain the colours in between - some colours are higher-maintenance than others! I couldn't find an image of the yellow (Manic Panic Electric Banana) ... but it was terrible, and only lasted a couple of days :(

What are your favourite non-natural hair colours?


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! And I will be adding that one as soon as I have tried it out ;)

  2. Aww! I miss my days of rainbow hair! My workplace is super conservative :(
    But I did use punky hair dyes a fair bit they're pretty good the blue lasted me ages!

    1. Ah, I haven't tried Punky - how does it compare?

  3. As a person who had just decided to let the grey shine through (and there is a lot of it now) I can just look and enjoy. But I was mystified by your purple (where does she put the wee? Is it just if she does one?) and then I realised it was a typo!
    I think my favourite is the 4th picture, Special Effects Fishbowl .

    1. LOL! I was wondering why that purple keeps fading!!! :P

      Fixed - thanks! *wink*

      Yeah, the Fishbowl is gorgeous! I'm about to try a fluoro-pink in a new brand this weekend, so will see how that goes ;)