Wednesday, December 26, 2012

officially addicted to weaving ...

I knew it would happen ;)

This is my first bit of 'proper' weaving after finishing my first little sampler - I'm pleased with it, but really need practice with my beating technique ;)

For the last day or two I have been working on a herringbone pattern using a black warp, and a gorgeous Scottish purple wool with turquoise flecks. It's a bit scratchy against the skin, but I figure if it's a cowl it should be worn over a jumper or coat ;)

The tension is *so* much better, and my edges are pretty straight! I'm just trying to figure out the dimensions to make cowls - one version will be just one wrap, and the other will be longer and wrap around the neck twice.

With enough practice, I will have these available for sale in my shop - cross fingers!

OK, time to put another warp on - there's some gorgeous red wool that is just crying out to be woven ;)


  1. It looks great! Your second weave is perfect! Very professional!

  2. Wow, that's amazing! I took a weaving class around 35 years ago - the result was so bad, it was my first and last attempt at weaving. If my edges and tension had turned out even half as good as yours, I probably would have continued! LOL

    1. Aww, thanks! I'm learning from books - maybe that's an advantage?? I also think that tapestry weaving has been an advantage too, even though they are very different - it has certainly helped me be conscious of the edges, that's for sure ;)

      Try it again - it's fun, I promise!!

  3. It's a bit scarey seeing how much you do! Seeing you are learning from a book, I am more than impressed (can't think what you would call being more than impressed). How do you manage to think of warm wraps when it is so summery?

    1. I know, weird huh? I'll be pleased when the weather turns cooler!

      Mary, I'm on holidays at the moment, so no stress whatsoever - I promise!! :P