Thursday, December 6, 2012

studio shot

What is it about new rugs that makes cats want to sit all over them??
Apparently it is the hip place to be right now :P

The table is now ready for the loom (which I pick up this Saturday!) ... I still have to get an adjustable stool, but I want to see how high the loom is first!


  1. You have a beautiful studio! It looks airy, fresh and modern.

    1. Thanks Therese! I can't wait until it's painted ;)

  2. Oh snap, so organized and un-chaotic!
    I love how you've managed to make a small space seem large and open! I call that magic, if nothing else heheh.

    It seems as though our rooms are the same size (yours may be a little bigger), but mine FEELS small too. Is it redundant to ask how you do it, even when there's a picture I can see? XD

    1. Haaha, actually this is only half the room - it *is* actually quite large, I must confess ... but because of the angles of the room, it's not all usable space (if that makes sense?).

      I've had to be really creative with how I use the space, because there aren't many straight walls. The Ikea Expedit units have saved me, because they can be turned on their side, and the purple boxes that fit inside provide excellent storage for my needlepoint kits.

      My biggest tip is trying to have large things out in the open, and smaller items packed away neatly. That way, the room doesn't look as cluttered. I have books in view on the shelves, but smaller crafty items in boxes (saves them getting dusty too!).

      I'll definitely have to do a proper blog entry with proper pictures of the studio - will definitely do so as soon as it has been painted ;)