Saturday, December 8, 2012

yesterday + today

I took some pics ... firstly, my little Frankie being crazy:

Last night Anita and I went to my work dinner - it was supposed to be a 20s themed night ... but I *hate* being told what to wear, so ignored it and dressed as myself!

And today I picked up my table loom! I've spent all afternoon putting it together - tomorrow I'll be warping it up ;)

Right - I'm *exhausted* ... some relaxing needlepoint now, methinks!


  1. Schwing!

    I hope that's not inappropriate... but you look great!

    1. Aww, thank you - it's never inappropriate to be so sweet!! ;)

  2. You guys both look fantastic - hope it was a fun night! That's an amazing skirt you have on ... :D

    No wonder you need a rest - that loom looks really complicated. I probably would have left it in the box for six months before attempting to put it together. Ha!

    1. Thank you, yes we *did* have fun!! It's a Punk Rave skirt ... I couldn't resist!

      I'm one of those people that need to learn something NOW, once I have my mind made up ;) So I was up and weaving that same weekend - I will do another post shortly ;)