Monday, December 30, 2013

Nearly the end of 2013 ...

Snappy title, huh?  This post is a bit of a mish-mash of what I've been up to over the last few weeks, apologies if you've seen most of these pics on Instagram! 

I'll start off with a fun/sad night we attended on the Summer Solstice - our favourite bar/restaurant, Dragonfly, closed down!  Although we are happy for our friends who have been trying to sell the place for a while, we're sad to see it go :(  There's nowhere quite like it.

Here's what I wore - snapped in the hotel on the way there, so not a great pic ;)  I bought this skirt from Gallery Serpentine years ago (it was a Japanese import), but haven't worn it much - Anita reminded me of it. 

No pics inside Dragonfly, as it was ridiculously busy ... seriously, busier than I've ever seen it ??  It's usually the sort of place you can relax and hang out at, but that night there was a queue 4 people deep to get a drink!  It was lovely to catch up with friends there, and afterwards we found a quieter cocktail bar to have a chat.

Of course, I've been spending a lot of time weaving!

I have been on a mission to build up stock in the 5 patterns that I have been concentrating on, but I thought I'd use the holiday periods to try some new techniques and skills (something I haven't had time to play with).  So I warped up for my first pattern using all 8 of my shafts.  It was from a vintage pattern from 1895, but turned out a lot more subtle than I planned.  I still like it though!

Actually, it looks pretty similar to the 'Peacock' design.  I've printed out a whole pile of patterns from, so look forward to trying more out.  I will have them for sale on my Etsy and Storenvy stores as one-off designs.

And on my rigid heddle loom, I've been playing with transparency inlay technique - it's a bit messy, and needs more practise ... but do you see the bat??

I'm about to warp up my tapestry loom too - I can't wait to get started on the next Goth Deathrock Subculture piece!!

I bought Lily a Summer Solstice gift - a latch hook kit!  Do you remember these?  I had a butterfly one at her age ;)

Oh, and I got myself one too - well, they're FUN!

Oh, and one last thing - I'm growing the back of my hair!  I don't really want the maintenance of dreads again, but I like having long hair at the back.  So I'm growing the back part long (MULLET!), and I will either leave it as is, or dread it later.  Undecided, but it's getting long already!

First time in 20 years that the back of my head has had hair growing on it, haaha!!  And that's the extent of my 'growing out' for now ;)

OK, back to work ... I have been working all the non-public holidays, but have the whole of next week off - CAN'T WAIT!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

natural perfume - black baccara

I haven't done a post about natural skincare/perfume for a while, so thought I'd better do one since I received a lovely samples tin from Black Baccara yesterday!

Here is the gorgeous tin and samples I received:

The only ingredients here are grapeseed oil with essential oils and fragrance oils. Unfortunately, the latter are not completely natural, but definitely not as irritating to the skin as commercial fragrances - I haven't had any adverse reactions so far!  Prices are very reasonable too.

The scents themselves are quite complicated, which is unusual for so few ingredients. For example, I am currently wearing 'Broken Hearted', which on the website is described as follows:

"Be prepared, for this is not a happy blend. It smells beautiful, but speaks of sorrow and broken hearts. Forget-me-nots and roses hover over Spanish moss growing on stones deeply embedded in ancient soil. A hint of fire and a touch of clove drift on the wind, adding a memory of sadness and of things burned up and lost. Calamus and almonds deepen the florals and bring a deep wave of longing to the brew."

Such gorgeous descriptions! Not every sample is a winner for me (Love Spell is way too sweet), but that is why getting samples is an excellent idea. I thought Black Rose would be my favourite, but Broken Hearted is wearing very well on me. I reapplied at lunchtime (they are not all-day fragrances), and the scent has changed throughout the day. I will update this review when I have tried them all ;)

Anita loves more earthy fragrances, so she ordered Dia De Los Muertos Perfume Oil Sampler - again, she has found it hit/miss due to personal preferences, but she has already been impressed with a few of them.  I think we'll definitely be ordering full-size fragrances from here in future!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

breathe ... and weave!

The 'breathe' is a sigh of relief, as I have now finished my studies for the year and can just relax and concentrate of my weaving and my own tapestry practice - yippee!!

For my first weekend of being a 'free agent', I visited Bowerbird Bazaar, my favourite design market in Adelaide!  I bought a few little things, like this fantastic ceramic bones necklace from Meow Girl, and a gorgeous all-natural perfume from One Seed - it was a 'make your own blend' special, and I chose patchouli, triple jasmine accord and blood orange - yummm!!!  I think she will be having that option on her website shortly, so I will definitely be getting that one again (maybe with a touch more patchouli, as it tends to get lost amongst the other two).

Of course, I have been weaving more loop scarves ... my aim is to weave one from every pattern in every colour - I'll get there!  Since the weather is warming up here, I don't expect any Australian orders for a while - so I'm taking the opportunity to weave as much stock as I can.  Everything I weave will go up on my Etsy and Storenvy stores, so I might sell a few to people overseas ;)

Here's the Geometric design woven in bright pink!

And the finished scarves - a long one in Guava, and the short Pink:

Warping up for the next one ...

... which is the Art Deco design in Charcoal + Black - subtle, huh?

And to finish this post, here's my little baby Frankie ... I call her 'the cutest cat in the world', Anita calls her 'the face of evil'.  To be fair, both are pretty accurate ;)

Tonight we are heading into the city to see/listen to a noise event - our friend David Tonkin aka Isomer, performing as Rope Society.  Something different, which is always a good thing ;)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

instagram competition!

OK, it's competition time!  Wanna win this medium length loop scarf in Plum?  If it's not your thing, it would make a great pressie!!

Head over to Instagram, follow the instructions, and a winner will be randomly drawn in a week – good luck!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Well, we just got back from Robe today ... and this was the view from our holiday house's window!

And here's a close-up of that jetty that you can only *just* see in the above pic:

It's been a lovely few days, very relaxing ... full of food, socialising and chilling out :D  But of course I still had my tapestry homework to do in between:

I also wanted to take some product shots of my loop scarves in Robe - but it was super-windy ... Anita could hardly stand in one place, and I couldn't hold the camera steady!

So we decided to visit an old ruin called Kangaroo Inn, where we visited a couple of years ago ... it made the perfect spot for photos!  It started to rain, but luckily one of the buildings had a (dodgy) tin roof!

And check this out, as a perfect example!!


I'm going to start listing these scarves on Etsy and Storenvy, first as 'ready to ship' items, then as customs so you can choose your pattern, colour and length.  

So yes, an absolutely wonderful (and productive) little holiday!  I will leave you with a couple of road signs that always make me laugh when we drive in the country, heh heh :P

Sunday, November 10, 2013

last tapestry sampler

Here's where it's at right now ... it's due next week, so I'm cutting it a bit fine.  Story of this year, seriously!  (I'll be taking this to Robe with me!)

This year has been very weird study-wise - after an explosively fabulous Year 3, this year has in contrast been very boring, full of samplers and zero creativity and scope.  Since I'm doing the 'old' Year 4, I'm wondering whether the new course has been re-jigged to counteract this, as I've heard that many students of the course drop out at this stage.  To be honest, I'm not surprised.  Year 3 - design a large tapestry completely of your own choice.  Year 4 - you're back to doing samplers, within specific design parameters.  Blah.

So here I am learning how to do shaped tapestry.  Of course the design is boring (I just can't get excited about landscapes, sorry!), but I am learning something which I'm sure I will use in the future - bat or skull-shaped tapestry, anyone??

I have 2 more subjects next year to get my 'Diploma Of Visual Arts - Tapestry' (the new name of the course) - they will be Printmaking and Presenting A Body of Creative Work ... I think they are going to be far more interesting!

The new course is only 4 years part time (I have split Year 4 over 2 years), even though the original Diploma Of Tapestry was 6 years.  Students have the option to complete the other 2 years to get an Advanced Diploma, but I've decided that I just need to get on and weave in order to get better and better.

The attention my first Goth Deathrock Subculture tapestry has been getting is spurring me on to want to create more and more - I have so many ideas in my head!  Plus the weaving, which I think is going to be the main activity for Threefold Designs from now on ... my cross stitch kits don't seem to interest many people, unfortunately, whereas my weaving does.  I think people are more interested in ready-made rather than DIY these days.

And yes, Anita and I will be visiting Robe for a few days for a bit of relaxation, product photography - oh, and finishing off this bloody assignment.  But that's for another blog post ;)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

american tapestry alliance - coda 2013

I'm *SUPER* honoured that my 'Goth Deathrock Subculture No. 1' tapestry has been included on the front cover of the American Tapestry Alliance's 'CODA 2013 - Tapestry Art Today' publication!

Download from the above link, and check out all the other awesome tapestry artists from all over the world!

Woohoo!  I'm so motivated to get started on more in this series - just have to finished my boring sampler assignments for TAFE first :/

Sunday, October 20, 2013

giving up sugar ... and other decisions ;)

Hmm, this week seems to be my week of decision-making!  Yes, I have decided to quit sugar ... eeep!

Anita's mum was telling us about how she was quitting sugar following recipes from I Quit Sugar - when we were looking at it, we decided that we'd give it a go too!  The questions they ask you in the book to check whether you are addicted to sugar are:
  • Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?
  • Do you need something sweet after meals?
  • Does your stomach get bloated after eating?
  • Are you unable to eat just one piece of cake and walk away?
  • Are you 'podgy' around the middle, perhaps even slim everywhere else?
  • Do you often feel unclear?  That you're not always sharp and on-form?
Most people who consider themselves as having 'healthy' diets are actually consuming around 25-30 teaspoons of sugar per day without realising it (check labels of everyday foods such as cereals, sauces, etc.), whereas we are really supposed to be having 9-10 teaspoons.

Strangely, we have not been finding Week 1 as difficult as we thought it would be.  Our diets utilise a lot of unprocessed foods as it is, there have just been a few tweaks ... for example, we do go out to dinner once per week - but for the next couple of months no pizza or pasta (hidden sugar!), instead choosing fish & chips.  Yoghurt is now only natural yoghurt, unfortunately not even honey can be added for the first couple of months, or fruit.  The first 8 weeks is completely fructose-free, then the healthy sugars can be slowly added back in after that.

We're going to Robe for a few days in November, so there may be a bit of a blow-out - but we'll do the best we can!  Anyway, if you're intrigued there are plenty of recipes on the I Quit Sugar blog ;)

And this is what else I've been working on ... I have given myself the task of weaving samples of my 5 main patterns in as many different colours as I can so I can create a listing for my Etsy and Storenvy shops - customers can then choose their pattern, choose the colour, and choose the length so I can weave to order.  I will also have 'ready to ship' items on the sites too.

Last week I finished a couple of 'Peacock' samples:

And this weekend I started the 'Baroque' design:

My 'to do list':

A few small needlepoint kits to make up on the bottom of my blackboard too ... and on that note, I've decided not to make my cross stitch designs available as full kits once they have sold.  It's too expensive, there is not much profit, and the Australian Tapestry Workshop have changed the structure of their wool - great for tapestry, but not as easy to cross stitch with.  I really think that my handwoven infinity scarves are the way forward with my business - I will still have my cross stitch designs available as PDF patterns though ;)

Phew, that's it for my round-up of my decision-making week!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

vintage knitting pattern: 'candy stripes in the news'

'Nothing so gay, says Paris, nothing quite so refreshingly young!'

This is from my favourite knitting book - The Lux Book 1939', found for a dollar or two in an antique shop many many years ago ;)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

old pics

I've been looking through some old pics and posting them on my Instagram ... but I thought I'd also share them here ;)

I don't have many old pictures, since I haven't seen my parents for years, and didn't used to take pics before the digital camera age (I was quite clever at disappearing as soon as a camera came out!).  So the few I have are quite precious ;)

Unknown age - but it must be the 70s, look at that outfit!

High school, around the late 80s - I was a highly unpopular kid, obsessed with art and old movies (so not *that* much different from now!), and spent my high school years running away from bullies - literally!  I used to sleep with rollers in to get these waves - looked great with red lipstick!

And finally, aged about 17 years old - just finished high school, about to start art school.  That was a great year ;)

I loved my safety pin vest, ha!! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

birthday drinkies!


Well, a fab night was had by all last night ... we went to our favourite watering hole, Dragonfly Bar + Dining, had a glorious dinner with Anita's family and Tamara (she's the one in the middle of the above photo), Anita's parents then took Lily home with them, and we stayed the rest of the night drinking cocktails!

Question Question did a live set, then DJed after that - very cool electro sounds.  We caught up with some super cool + gorgeous people, and didn't get too drunk!!  YES!!  I think Anita's trick worked - sports drink before going out, sports drink when you get home, and sports drink in the morning.  I think it also helped that we were drinking water in between cocktails ;)  

By the way, the cocktails we are drinking above are 'A Day At The Races' - Dragonfly's description:  "For the classy little fillys, combining muddled cucumber, Larios Gin, elderflower syrup, a splash of honey syrup, shaken then topped with Jansz bubbles."  NOM!  I also enjoyed Espresso Martinis and some Chartreuse ...

Anita gave me a camera for my birthday, so I promise I will be doing more outfit posts - I also sourced a new tripod from work, so that has made my life *so* much easier!  

I wore my favourite dress (Sourpuss) teamed with my trusty Dragon's Blood corset, ripped leggings worn as sleeves and my new handmade shoes.  Anita (don't tell her I've posted that pic of her - she wasn't too keen!) wore her new skirt and necklace from General Pants (brand of skirt is Neon Hart) and one of my black tops.  And how gorgeous does her hair look?  Awesome!!

And because we weren't hungover, we decided to take a trip to Diggers so Anita could grab some gardening goodies - see how excited she is??

And I hung out amongst the trees ;)

Oh, and BIRTHDAY CAKES!  Here are the little 'goth cakes' that Anita made for me to bring to work - note the little bat sprinkles!

And the magnificent 'Deathrock Dolly Vardon' cake that Anita's sister Emily made for me - look, CATS AND BATS!!!

Back home now ... at least I have tomorrow off (I worked during the day on Saturday), but I really have to work on some of my tapestry homework - *sigh*!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Yes, 39 today!

Time for me to reflect on the last 12 months ... I have been in a personal year 4, which is about building solid foundations for the future.  Very appropriate considering this is what I have been up to:

-  Taught myself how to weave
-  Started creating infinity scarves and selling them as part of Threefold Designs
-  Left my job of 7 1/2 years and started a new one, close to home
-  Decided the direction I want to go with my artwork, utilising tapestry and cross stitch

This coming year is a personal year 5 - about growth through change - that sounds exciting!

If you're interested in Personal Years in Numerology (and want to calculate which one you're in), have a look at my previous blog post HERE!

And here is what I wore today - I know I should have taken one at the beginning of the day, not the end ... but I was testing out my new camera that Anita gave me!!  :D

I'm finally wearing my TUK boots with skull buckles ... I've had them for years, but can finally wear them since Eugenia has stretched them for me!