Wednesday, January 30, 2013

mantra for 2013: 'cleansing'

A lot of people have 'new years resolutions', but I find that the Universe gives you indications of what you need to do at certain stages of your life.

I think 'cleansing' is going to be my mantra of 2013. It has come to me in many ways:

** Cleaning out my wardrobe
Yes, that one ... you know, when your wardrobe is stuffed full, but you still have nothing to wear?? I have found that I have a lot of 'going out' clothes, but little in the way of everyday wear. To that end, today I am wearing a Lip Service Blacklist skirt to work ;)

I have also done an inventory of all the clothes I need to buy, and which ones really need to go either in the rubbish, or in the charity bin.

** Cleaning out my diet
Of course, I've slipped out of my healthy eating habits over the last couple of months ... back to it, Michelle!

** Cleaning out my workspace
Having the studio painted has made that so much easier - it now looks fresh and clean, and has made me keep it tidy ;)

** Cleaning out my mind
Do you see your social media updates and think 'that person is so annoying!'. I do, so I have been systematically removing them. I don't need that sort of negative energy in my life. Try it - it's liberating!

** Cleaning out my business
Now that I have been working on my weaving, my so-called 'business plan' makes much more sense. I was struggling for so long with the non-commercialism of Threefold Designs - I always knew that I had to create *something* more commercial so I could continue doing more niche work. Weaving has given me the missing piece! I'm hoping that I can sell my weaving, which will in turn lead people to the cross stitch kits - both of which will fund my personal artwork. Sounds like a plan!

PHEW! I even feel cleansed getting all that down in my blog!

How about you, dear readers? Do you have a mantra for 2013?



  1. Mantra for 2013?

    Stepping up a gear. In work, that means graduating and getting into actual work, in my blog that means trying to publish a higher quality and quantity of blog posts, especially attempting to demonstrate some of the loom-dressing techniques I've learned here. In life, it just means keeping myself and the car going (the car is new) and paying more attention to my family and the people I care about.

    1. 'Stepping up a gear' - I like that mantra!

      Sometimes getting it written down makes it more tangible ...
      Is this year your last year of study?

    2. Yeah, with any luck by the end of the summer i'll have an honours degree in woven textile design. From then on, I'm hoping to get into the college as a technician and/or researcher as well as building up my own business on the side selling rugs and things. One of the things I'm really keen on just now is learning more about ancillary weaving processes, efficiency and the creation of yarns, and developing a holistic handweaving system that takes the best elements of traditional and modern weaving systems and puts them together in a way that makes the dressing of the loom and loading of shuttles a much more efficient and hassle-free process. It's a long project . . .

    3. A long project, but how exciting! I'm really looking forward to reading more about this on your blog during the coming year ;)

  2. 2013 will definitely be the year of health for me. I have treated my body and brain very bad the last years :P
    The benefit with the healthy year is more energy to get things done.
    I think your businessplan sounds great.

    1. Good luck Therese! I know it's difficult to get into good habits, but once you're there you feel so much better! xx

  3. Get through the downsizing without losing my sense of humour about it all. That's my 2013 mantra! LOL!!

    1. Haa, that's a tough one! I bet you have a lot of stuff to sort through - what's important, and what isn't? Good luck Lynne!