Thursday, January 24, 2013


Yep, this is me learning the overshot technique, which is basically using one colour (blue) as the pattern, and the other colour matching the warp (black) which is the plain weave underneath to make the fabric sturdy.

See, you *can* learn weaving from books!!

This is a 'small honeysuckle' design - I like it ... but not as much as those sexy twills!!

And this is some wool I received yesterday from Bendigo Woollen Mills - Guava and Dark Plum (sounds delicious!).

They are both 3 ply Classic wool, machine washable. The Plum will be the warp, and the Guava the weft in a double-length cowl for Anita. Then I will be making a double-length in Guava and Black for my friend Tam. When the weather gets cooler, we will do a little photo shoot down at our local rocky beach, so I can start selling these babies!

I'm thinking of calling this range 'Beginner's Luck' - they will be cheap, cos I'm still learning ;)

It would be so awesome if 2013 was the year of dropping one day of work so I can play with wool! Cross fingers ;)


  1. I really like the honeysuckle design! Love the new colours - purple and green are one of my favourite combinations. And washable - who knew there was such a thing as washable wool! :D

    1. Thanks Lynne! Yeah, purple and green are a classic combo - I thought using a dark purple weft instead of my usual black would be a nice change ;)

      Yes, Bendigo Woollen Mills have been selling machine washable wool for years!

  2. Love it, and the fact that 'some people' can learn from books.

    1. Thanks Mary! Anyone can learn from books ... it's whether you'd actually *want* to ;)