Thursday, January 17, 2013

painted bird

Yes, our house has been painted - woo hoo!! Above is a view from downstairs, looking up to the landing feature wall in turquoise, and you can also see the studio's window alcove in purple.

Here is the western side of my studio (complete with Charlie spying on our neighbours):

It's tricky taking pics of the inside of our house - due to it's strange shape, it's easier taking pics at night time (the sun coming through the windows seems to ruin all my photos!).

You can see the vaulted ceiling here:

It's amazing what painting the house white has done - it's so much fresher, and the architecture stands out beautifully. I will have to take some pics downstairs too - all the wooden beams have been painted white, which looks so much cleaner.

So that's another large job done - thanks to our painter, Troy London. If you're in Adelaide, we highly recommend him! He had a pretty tricky time upstairs though, especially in our bedroom - some of the walls are at 45 degree angles ...

In the last 6 months we have:
- added a fence around the property
- installed a new kitchen
- had plumbing fixed
- painted interior of house

Still to do (in order):
- new cellular blinds to replace curtains
- custom shelving for CDs and TV
- carport
- flooring downstairs
- eventually replace bathroom upstairs



  1. I think your studio turned out so fresh and beautiful. Your house is so lovely. All the angles in the architecture of the house became visible by the new painting.

    1. Thanks Therese - we love it! It's sort of like my dream home ... except for the lack of air conditioning upstairs :P

  2. It's beautiful!! It looks so clean and TIDY! Good grief, I really need to start getting rid of some stuff ... ;o)

    1. Thanks Lynne! Believe me, it's taking me quite a while to neaten things up ... I've had to throw out a lot of stuff too! I'm currently working on the other side of the room - it's tidy, but a bit 'bitsy' (I like things to be more minimalist and streamlined!).