Friday, January 18, 2013


Literally! This is our friend Tamara, Anita and I at the Peter Murphy gig. I was too slack to do a proper outfit post ... so it's lucky that the local street mag Rip It Up took our pic, eh?

It was a great gig - I'm more of a Bauhaus fan than Peter Murphy, but it was still a very enjoyable night. Anita and Tamara are MASSIVE Peter Murphy fans, so they were extra-excited! :P It was a hot summer night, so that pint of cider was very refreshing ;)


  1. Great pic! I was also more familiar with Bauhaus than the solo stuff, but it was a great gig, wasn't it! (I was at the Sydney one, I put up my post today) You girls look amazing!

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, I saw your blog - I was drooling over your fab skirt!