Thursday, January 31, 2013

thrilling twill!

OK, so this is the Guava and Dark Plum twill I'm working on - I took advantage of the long weekend to weave around 1 metre of this! Unfortunately I had to cut it all off, as there were 4 pesky warp threads that were extra-tight, which I felt may affect the finished product. I tied the remaining warp back on last night, and wove another 20cm. Hopefully I'll have better luck this time ;) I'm wondering whether the 3 ply wool is too fine for the warp even though it feels very strong ... perhaps next time I'll experiment with a 4-5 ply warp and a 3 ply weft and see what that looks like.

Since the wool is only 3 ply, and the reed is 10 dents per inch, this is going to be a lacy-weight cowl, and very soft to the touch. I'd like to eventually buy a slightly finer sett reed - say 12 or 14. But I should probably start selling a few cowls before I can justify that expense!

On the subject of cowls ... after experimenting, I found that sewing the piece as an infinity cowl rather than a straight cowl means it sits better when worn. 'Infinity' just means that instead of sewing right side to right site, the edge is sewn right side to 'wrong' side. I will take more pics on the weekend of actual humans wearing these things, but here they are on my table:

Straight cowl:

Infinity cowl:

I'm also playing with the idea of drawing on the warp with a permanent laundry marker, then weaving over the top so the design just peeks through. There is a common technique with fabric paint and ink called 'ikat', but I haven't been able to find anyone doing this with laundry markers. Does this mean it's a stupid idea, or just one that's not too common? I guess I'm going to have to experiment to find out ;)

I'm trying to get as much handweaving done as I possibly can before my Diploma Of Tapestry books get sent through. I am only doing 3 subjects this year, spreading this fourth year of study over 2 years ... so hopefully this will allow more time in my schedule for both handweaving and spending more time with Anita!


  1. They're all so beautiful!!

    I've made some infinity scarves (just out of fabric though - I didn't weave them myself or anything!) and I find them nice and easy to wear. They always seem to look good without a lot of fussing. So I think that's definitely a good idea! :o)

    1. Thanks Lynne! Yes, looking good without the fuss is EXACTLY what I'm after. And since I'm so short, I don't like anything too bulky - which is why I'm going to do short length and long length ;)

  2. I love the pattern of the twill weave! It looks difficult to achieve and seems to involve a lot of counting.

    1. It's not that hard at all - most of the work is in the threading up, then the pattern is a series of shaft lifting combinations. I'm only weaving on 4 shafts ... so far :)