Monday, January 21, 2013

weaving update

I just realised that I hadn't done a weaving update for a while. I spent most of my 3 week holiday weaving - seriously! The only time I wasn't weaving was when it was too hot upstairs ... I'd weave from early in the morning until it became unbearable, then I'd go downstairs and do some stitching ;)

Firstly, here's me with my first cowl prototype - the Red TAW ('trompe as writ'):

I'm not sure whether I'll continue to sew them as a tube like this, or twist them around as an 'infinity scarf' - I'll have to play and see what sits better ;)

The following have not been finished off, ironed, or made up into anything. Yes, I really have to do the 'boring bits' in order to get these off my desk :P Here's the completed handspun 'dornik' twill:

Then I tried a long, double length cowl - Anita prefers to wrap hers around twice. This is another gorgeous twill, which is easier to weave than it looks:

Then Lily wanted her own little cowl in pink and purple (what else would a 5 year old girl choose?) - since kids find wool a bit scratchy, I thought I'd experiment with acrylic yarn. It was super-cheap, but not as easy to weave with as I thought it would be! It was my first foray into a 2-colour weft, as well as using 2 separate shuttles.

And here it is off the loom - it's OKish, but not as impressive as it should have been! Lily loves it though, which I guess is the point :P

Yesterday I warped up my loom to try out the 'overshot' technique. It's turning out well so far ... but so far twills are still my favourite!


  1. Wow, your weaving is amazing! I can't even imagine making those patterns!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! The weaving isn't too difficult - it's warping up the loom and keeping the edges neat that is the challenge! ;)

  2. I think Lilys shawl turned out great!! I know lots of adults too who find wool to itchy. It's amazing how even and well made your weaves look after just a few trials. I think you have a good buisness in these cowls and shawls :)

    1. Thanks Therese! The acrylic is good, but it stretches in a different way than wool does ;)

      I really hope I can sell some - thanks for your encouragement! ;)