Friday, February 22, 2013


Yeehaw, I've finally found myself in an Etsy Australia & New Zealand newsletter!!

There's the Astrology pdf pattern, at the top left ;)

I'm crossing fingers that this will bring me some much-needed sales ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

cross stitch kits + patterns

New followers reading this blog may not realise that I primarily sell cross stitch kits and patterns! I have two online stores - Storenvy (where you don't need to sign up) and Etsy (where you do!).

I have large kits available - included in the kits are pattern/instructions, blank open-weave canvas, needle, wool from the Australian Tapestry Workshop and a nifty glossy black bag!

Skulls kit available for USD $115 + postage
For those who'd like a smaller project, bookmark kits may be your cup of tea - again, all materials included for USD $15 ;)

Bats Bookmark kit available for USD $15 + postage

Of course if you'd like to save money and have a stash of yarn that you'd like to use up - a lot of my designs are available in PDF pattern format. I have given the Australian Tapestry Workshop colours, as well as the approximate DMC stranded cotton equivalent. Prices range from USD $5 for the bookmarks to USD $20 for the large kits.

Leopard Print Bookmark pattern available for USD $5
I have reduced the cost of the bookmark patterns to $5, since they don't seem to be moving ... and patterns are what I'd like to be selling more of in the future. Free postage, and patterns can be sent within 24 hours ;)

If you're interested in cross stitch, but don't know how - check out my 'how to cross stitch' instructions on my main website!

OK, enough marketing for today :P

Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm cramming my weekend into one post ... so apologies for the mixed randomness ;)

Rosie is settling in nicely - in fact, she's sitting on my lap as I'm typing this. This is a new thing - it's a bit inconvenient when she jumps onto my lap *under* my needlepoint frame while I'm stitching. But this is what she looks like:

It's the 'you should be patting me anyway' face ;) And just for Misha, here are some kitties on the stairs!

On Saturday I visited the amazing Bella Head from Bellatextiles. She gave me some great advice about the wool I was using, reed spacing, selling my work, amongst other things. She really made me look at what I was doing - I really need to learn how to use a pick-up stick!! I envisage some cool scarves with bats and skulls if I can figure out that technique ;)

I also bought a new shuttle, but can't afford to buy a bobbin winder right now - so I decided to go all DIY and put the cardboard bobbin over a knitting needle on my sewing machine :P

It was Anita's birthday Saturday, so we went to The Seasonal Garden Cafe at Hahndorf for a gorgeous lunch with her family, and on Sunday night I took her to Tasca Viva at Glenelg for an amazing tapas feast! Wow, we really need to go back there soon, especially since it's so close to home.

Here's my gorgeous girl sipping her mojito ;)

So, how's that for a random post??

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

bone orchard - 'kickin' up the sawdust'

I was smitten by Bone Orchard when I was a youngster, and I haven't ever grown out of them. One of those bands that do the Goth/Post-Punk crossover ... sometimes with a bit of rockabilly thrown in for good measure ;)


Wow, got them all in the same room! ... uneasy tension, with Charlie (foreground) and Frankie (middle) watching laser-eyes Rosie as she explores my studio ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

meet rosie!

Rosie is the new member of our family, a gorgeous black tortoiseshell! Here she is just after coming home from the shelter - looking pretty relaxed and chilled out! Help Save The Furry Ones is an amazing organisation run by amazing volunteers, and our charity of choice. Rosie had been with them for 12 months ... so I guess it was time for her to find her furrever home ;)

We wanted another small animal to be Frankie's playmate, since Charlie just gets grumpy when Frankie wants to play. After looking at rescue small dogs, and realising how much competition there is for them, we decided to get another kitty, preferably an adult who had been at the shelter for a little while. Rosie is between 18 and 24 months, so not much younger than Frankie. They are still checking each other out, but I think they will be very good friends ;)

I took this pic just after they met ... Frankie was curious, and though Rosie hissed a couple of times, she wasn't too bothered either. Charlie is another story - she's been growling, but not as much as when we got Frankie. I'm hoping that Charlie calms down, and realises that Rosie will get Frankie off her back ;)

If anyone from South Australia is reading this and is thinking of getting a kitty - please visit and support Help Save The Furry Ones!