Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm cramming my weekend into one post ... so apologies for the mixed randomness ;)

Rosie is settling in nicely - in fact, she's sitting on my lap as I'm typing this. This is a new thing - it's a bit inconvenient when she jumps onto my lap *under* my needlepoint frame while I'm stitching. But this is what she looks like:

It's the 'you should be patting me anyway' face ;) And just for Misha, here are some kitties on the stairs!

On Saturday I visited the amazing Bella Head from Bellatextiles. She gave me some great advice about the wool I was using, reed spacing, selling my work, amongst other things. She really made me look at what I was doing - I really need to learn how to use a pick-up stick!! I envisage some cool scarves with bats and skulls if I can figure out that technique ;)

I also bought a new shuttle, but can't afford to buy a bobbin winder right now - so I decided to go all DIY and put the cardboard bobbin over a knitting needle on my sewing machine :P

It was Anita's birthday Saturday, so we went to The Seasonal Garden Cafe at Hahndorf for a gorgeous lunch with her family, and on Sunday night I took her to Tasca Viva at Glenelg for an amazing tapas feast! Wow, we really need to go back there soon, especially since it's so close to home.

Here's my gorgeous girl sipping her mojito ;)

So, how's that for a random post??


  1. I like random posts! And I think you should totally make a poster out of Kittehs on Stairs! :D

    1. I thought it would take me a while to get a pic of them all on the stairs - but this was taken only a few days after Rosie came along!! To be fair, I think Frankie and Rosie couldn't get down because the Stair Troll (aka Charlie) was blocking the way ;)