Tuesday, March 12, 2013

long weekend

Yes, we had a long weekend in Adelaide, with Monday being 'Adelaide Cup Day' ... not that I know anyone who goes to the races :P   It has been so blisteringly hot in Australia lately (if you're hearing a lot of your Australian friends whingeing, then I can tell you it's justified!) - today is 38 degrees C (100.4 degrees F), with the overnight temperatures at 25 degrees (77 deg F), which doesn't allow the house to cool down sufficiently.  After a couple of weeks of this, as well as some days of high humidity (which doesn't happen very often in Adelaide!), I'm very grateful that tomorrow will be only 25 degrees - PHEW!  At least we have a week or so of lovely weather until the heat strikes us again ;)

Unfortunately, upstairs is not air conditioned, so I have been bravely doing as much as I can before it gets unbearable.  I actually achieved a lot on Saturday - I think the strange humidity helped me out, because I lasted nearly all day in my studio ;)  I had time to warp up my loom and do a good 20cm of weaving:

Now I understand this doesn't look very interesting ... but I really needed to make myself a cowl that I could wear with other coloured items of clothing (I'm not a 'plain' dresser :P).  I also thought I'd challenge myself by using more than 4 shafts of my 8 shaft loom.  So I wandered over to handweaving.net, where there are a lot of copyright-free patterns.  I found this gorgeous 6 shaft pattern from 1895 - it's Draft # 29911:

It's so pretty!!  But in charcoal and black it's very subtle, and not as feminine as I first thought it would be.  I think in these colours it would be a great cowl for a man - I have one in mind to try it out on, as I need to get all the measurements right.  I'm looking forward to trying out this pattern in contrasting colours too - I'm thinking black and hot pink!

I have done quite a bit of work on my tapestry sampler too ... but I'm not as excited about it, to tell you the truth ;)  Samplers ... SIGH!!  But I'm pleased with the colours I've chosen:

On kitty news, Misha asked me how Rosie was going - well, on the weekend she displayed a bag-fetish.  Where did this come from?  Suddenly she's obsessed with getting into bags!

Whereas Frankie has always been interested in bags ... mainly just sitting on them ;)

Charlie is a snob, and hates having her picture taken ... seriously, she's extremely talented at turning her head just when the picture is taken ;)

Oh, and I do post a lot more pictures on Instagram - if you're on there, please look up 'michellethreefold'!


  1. Hi Michelle, we are hanging out for the cool change too. Supposedly, it arrives tomorrow. A little while ago I would have thought the temperatures they are predicting were hot but now I am hanging out for them.
    I did a little bit of tapestry recently and the wool felted in my sweaty hands! The texture of that bit is different. Fortunately, I did a mix of textures and it is not too obvious - I hope.
    On your (very bright) tapestry sampler, have you put buttons? I can't imaging anyone managing to weave such perfect circles!!
    I hope you enjoy the new year of your course. I follow Glennis and Misha too but Glennis seems to be doing a year that require very little weaving - not my idea of a fun year in a tapestry weaving course. I am sure she will find plenty of weaving to do, just not for the course.

    1. It's a lovely day in Adelaide today, Mary!! (Wednesday) - only 25 degrees!!

      No, they're not buttons - they're rare earth magnets that are brilliant for holding my cartoon in place - the link is in my last post (I think) ;)

      Glennis is doing the same year as me, but is not doing the weaving component due to having done shaped tapestries previously. I'm only doing 3 subjects out of the 5 this year so I can get some handweaving/socialising time in, haaha!

  2. The attic gets pretty hot in the summer too, and I can usually only work up there first thing in the morning before it heats up. The windows are at funny locations, so you can't ever get a good cross-breeze going. We're nowhere close to ever reaching 38C like you though, so I can't even imagine how toasty your studio must get!

    I really like the subtle colours, but I'm betting the black and hot pink is going to look gorgeous! :D

    1. The attic must be great in winter though - I know my studio is!! Luckily today we've had a cool change, which hopefully sticks around for at least a few days ;)

      Oh yes, I'm looking forward to hot pink and black - and a friend has asked for dusty pink and black, so that should look rather striking too!

  3. Hmm, yes, there are just one or two pictures on instagram, aren't there...