Sunday, April 14, 2013

more weaving ...

I must confess, out of all the social media I'm loving Instagram the most - it's quick and easy, and made up of pretty pictures!  So if you're on there, please follow me ... and if you're not - why not?? ;) Anita resisted for so long, but now she's as addicted as me!

Anyway - here's a pic of the finished tea towel, though it hasn't been wet finished yet:

I love both the back and the front!  I'm using this same pattern for an infinity scarf for Anita's mum - black warp and red weft - though because the wool is so soft, it's 'squashing' the pattern!  She loves it though, which is good ;)

Another double-length infinity scarf which has found a new home is one in black and dark purple - such a gorgeous combination, I'll definitely have to do another!  Sorry about the bad pics, I only just bought a bust form for proper display purposes ;)

And on my daylight lamp!

And here's the aforementioned non-gender-specific calico bust form - I love it!!

And what a difference it makes! 

In fact, I have been inspired to take a few pics and start up a separate page on my main website ;)

I'm quite liking having commissions and selling pieces before I need to list them 'officially'!  Hopefully my good luck continues ;)


  1. Hi Michelle
    Love the weaving and the vintage knitting books. I have a few of those myself mainly sock and glove patterns. Your woven things are really interesting with different patterns and great colours. My only weaving this year is my Shifu which I have finally blogged about. How is the course going?

    1. Thanks Glennis - and yes, your Shifu is just beautiful!

      Course is going great - very low-stress this year, with just 3 subjects - Tapestry, Business stuff and Sustainability. All these topics were from the original Diploma Of Tapestry, but are still included in the Diploma Of Visual Arts Year 4, if that makes sense ;)