Monday, May 13, 2013

weekend in pictures

I think I'm finally catching up with my life!!  This weekend was the most relaxing I've had for a while, and I finally had time to clean up my studio, do some filing, and organise some weaving samples into what Anita is calling a 'Look Book'.  I wish my handwriting was more 'arty' though ;)

This pattern is still on the loom too - I wove this during Bowerbird Bazaar, but I never weave just one scarf on a warp - this one will have 3 single length infinity scarves on it - the first one's for Mel:

The next one (which had many kids mesmerised at Bowerbird - I think it's the colour :P) is in 'Lipstick Rose' - mmmm!  It's up for grabs if anyone is interested ;)

As well as weaving, yesterday it was not only Mother's Day, but also Lily's 6th birthday!  We went to Dragonfly Bar + Dining for dinner (yes, that was Lily's choice!!), and on Sunday Anita made a kitty birthday cake.  Lily also gave me a card for Mother's Day ... even though I technically refer to myself as a 'Bonus Mum', LOL! 

And a kitty update!  Rosie is settling in very well - she's a strange one, very smoochy and loves to sit on laps.  But there's another side of her that is still an alley cat, wandering around looking for food.  I guess she still remembers being a street cat, though that was such a long time ago :(   Here she is sitting (precariously) on the kitty playground - this part is rather high, and leans on a dodgy angle :P

Frankie and Rosie are pretty good friends now - they are constantly chasing each other (playing noisily at 4.30am!!), and usually sit next to each other (note playful paw swipe):

Super cute!  Charlie (aka 'Grumpy Old Lady') hisses at both of them - she's still angry we brought Frankie home, let alone Rosie!!  :P  It's very hard getting a picture of her, since she has a knack of turning her head away when you try to take a picture - but here's a rare one:

Anita was cooking, and Charlie was 'helping'  ;)

That's been my weekend - hope yours was great too! 


  1. Wow! That 4-shaft loom has really got you going! (it is 4 and not 8?)

    What with that, changing jobs, settling Rosie in, the show, and occasionally speaking to the yurt girl - when do you sleep?

    Oh, I forgot. Being you means you don't need any sleep!

    You're having a great life Michelle!

    1. That's right Misha - sleep is way overrated!! ;)

      And yep, it's an 8 shaft loom - though at the moment I'm only using 6 shafts.