Sunday, June 16, 2013

baroque infinity scarves

I just took some pics of Anita wearing a couple of infinity scarves I finished today - I should have used the flash on the camera, as I didn't realise how dark they were until I came home! Ah well, the location is down the end of our street, so we can always do them again ;)

Before I start, this single length infinity scarf is for sale for AUD $40 + postage - in pink and turquoise, it's about 72cm diameter and sure to make an impact!

I wove a double-length on the same warp for Anita's sister Emily, but with Plum weft instead of the pink:

Anita prefers the double-length, but I think the single suits her too ;)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

new eyebrows!

Yes, you read that correctly!

I haven't had my eyebrows tattooed for about 4 years, and they were *very* faded. My eyebrows themselves are blonde, so I've always had to draw them in. About 6 years ago I had them tattooed for the first time - they looked amazing, but the 'soft-tap' method was quite painful and took quite a long time to heal (which is a problem when they're on your FACE!).

4 years ago I visited Deraly Fleming, who uses an actual tattoo gun instead of the soft-tap method (which is more like a scalpel) - this method is much better, hurts less, and healing time is very quick.  To give you an idea, the photo above is about 1 hour after the treatment!

So here's the before and after shots.  Before (you can see the faded line from the last treatment, about 4 years ago):

And after - about 1 hour after treatment:

I wore eyeliner when I went in there, mainly so she could see how I normally wear my make-up.  In the 'after' photos, there's a bit of swelling, and there are a few ink splatters ... but they look pretty good, don't they??  I'm to go back after about 4-6 weeks for a touch up, as sometimes it can look a bit patchy after they've healed (like a normal tattoo, I guess).  I think I might budget to get them touched up every year from now on too.

So if you're sick of drawing on your eyebrows every day, this is definitely a recommended option.  Just make sure you check which method they use ;) 

Monday, June 10, 2013

organising the studio - part 1

The word 'organising' can strike fear into some people, and excitement into others.  Some people think I'm super-organised, and this is true in some ways ... but not all!  I have to work hard to keep organised, since some things can make me fall off the wagon and into a screaming heap (like changing jobs, and not keeping up with homework).  This weekend is a long weekend in Adelaide, so I am using it to get my studio up to scratch.

First problem is this bookcase:  It doesn't really fit in to the studio style, and it was full of BOOKS!!

Here is is empty.  Yes, this was once *full* of books.  Don't worry, once we figure out how to get it down the stairs, it will be going to a good home ;)

I mentioned the thought of weeding out books in favour of having more room for wool on my Facebook page, and had mixed reactions.  Book-oriented people were horrified, whereas fellow textile artists knew what I was on about ;)  I have always collected books, mostly obscure literature, and most of it I haven't re-read at all.  So why am I keeping them all?  The only books I re-read are ones by Iris Murdoch ... so I'm definitely keeping all of those ;)  But do I really need to keep the works of Jean-Paul Sartre, Doris Lessing, AS Byatt, Margaret Drabble and Colette???  Part of me says yes, but in reality I'm not going to re-read these, and if I do, I should really buy them as ebooks instead to save space.

My Astrology books are staying though ... no contest!  So it's a trip to Ikea, which is what I always do when I need more storage - nearly all my studio furniture is Ikea, as it's practical and looks great.

After my first and second cuts, this is what I could fit in to the new Expedit unit:

Only three cubes of book space allowed upstairs (I have quite a few books downstairs, but we won't talk about those, haa!).  I need to get one more single width Expedit unit too, but I couldn't fit them both into Anita's car, since Lily's car seat was taking up half the back seat!  But here's what I have so far:

Looks much 'cleaner' than the heavy dark bookcase, and I now have room for my little chalkboard.  The chest of drawers on the right house all my tapestry and cross stitch kit wool.

I have also streamlined my computer - see the new laptop on the left, and the old clunky desktop on the right - I will get rid of it soon, but I'm still transferring information ;)

Part 2 will include pics of the finished studio - getting there!  OK, back to my homework ... ;)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

old movie saturday

Yep, watching these while weaving my tapestry sampler:

'Detour', 1945:

And 'The Red House', 1947 - starring Edward G Robinson and Judith Anderson:


Sorry, couldn't embed the last one ;)