Sunday, June 16, 2013

baroque infinity scarves

I just took some pics of Anita wearing a couple of infinity scarves I finished today - I should have used the flash on the camera, as I didn't realise how dark they were until I came home! Ah well, the location is down the end of our street, so we can always do them again ;)

Before I start, this single length infinity scarf is for sale for AUD $40 + postage - in pink and turquoise, it's about 72cm diameter and sure to make an impact!

I wove a double-length on the same warp for Anita's sister Emily, but with Plum weft instead of the pink:

Anita prefers the double-length, but I think the single suits her too ;)


  1. I can never get over how beautiful the view is - from the end of your street!! :D

    Anita looks beautiful in both, I agree. And both scarves look great with an all-black outfit like she's wearing. Good to know. Winter isn't too far off. ;o)

    1. I know, once it starts warming up again here, I'll have to start concentrating on the Northern Hemisphere!! It will be nice to have time to get some stock woven up so it's ready to go ... not that I'm complaining about having a few commissions lined up ;)