Monday, June 10, 2013

organising the studio - part 1

The word 'organising' can strike fear into some people, and excitement into others.  Some people think I'm super-organised, and this is true in some ways ... but not all!  I have to work hard to keep organised, since some things can make me fall off the wagon and into a screaming heap (like changing jobs, and not keeping up with homework).  This weekend is a long weekend in Adelaide, so I am using it to get my studio up to scratch.

First problem is this bookcase:  It doesn't really fit in to the studio style, and it was full of BOOKS!!

Here is is empty.  Yes, this was once *full* of books.  Don't worry, once we figure out how to get it down the stairs, it will be going to a good home ;)

I mentioned the thought of weeding out books in favour of having more room for wool on my Facebook page, and had mixed reactions.  Book-oriented people were horrified, whereas fellow textile artists knew what I was on about ;)  I have always collected books, mostly obscure literature, and most of it I haven't re-read at all.  So why am I keeping them all?  The only books I re-read are ones by Iris Murdoch ... so I'm definitely keeping all of those ;)  But do I really need to keep the works of Jean-Paul Sartre, Doris Lessing, AS Byatt, Margaret Drabble and Colette???  Part of me says yes, but in reality I'm not going to re-read these, and if I do, I should really buy them as ebooks instead to save space.

My Astrology books are staying though ... no contest!  So it's a trip to Ikea, which is what I always do when I need more storage - nearly all my studio furniture is Ikea, as it's practical and looks great.

After my first and second cuts, this is what I could fit in to the new Expedit unit:

Only three cubes of book space allowed upstairs (I have quite a few books downstairs, but we won't talk about those, haa!).  I need to get one more single width Expedit unit too, but I couldn't fit them both into Anita's car, since Lily's car seat was taking up half the back seat!  But here's what I have so far:

Looks much 'cleaner' than the heavy dark bookcase, and I now have room for my little chalkboard.  The chest of drawers on the right house all my tapestry and cross stitch kit wool.

I have also streamlined my computer - see the new laptop on the left, and the old clunky desktop on the right - I will get rid of it soon, but I'm still transferring information ;)

Part 2 will include pics of the finished studio - getting there!  OK, back to my homework ... ;)


  1. Hehehe ... I was one of the horrified book-centric folks. :) But, here's. little secret: the only books I have on my shelves are my academic books that I need for what I do, my favorite fiction books that have been loved to death, my 19th century collectibles, my pagan books, and my sewing and knitting books. I'm very picky about what makes it on my shelves ... unless it's academic. Then it will always find a home. I tend to purge my books every two years or so.

    1. Every 2 years! I'm seriously impressed! I confess, a lot of these books had dates from the late 90s written in them - ooops!!

      Though I did find a poetry book by John Lennon that I've had since my teens - I was going to get rid of it, but Anita looked it up and found it was a first edition and was worth about $250 US!! It's only tiny, so I think I'd better keep that one ;)

    2. hehehe ... yeah, if I don't purge every two year I seriously do believe that the floor of my second floor apartment will collapse under the weight and go crashing into my neighbor's apartment. HAHAHA! :) Besides, I really *don't* look forward to moving the 50+ boxes of books and I know that a big move is inevitable when I start looking (and place) a full time teaching gig.

  2. I probably would've been part of the group rooting for wool =P
    Though, I admit I'm not a huge reader-- I mean I am, but not in the typical sense...
    I hoard DIY and general reference material, peppered with the occasional book of poetry and some classics. Collecting vintage and rare sewing books is a side hobby of mine!

    But anyway-- I love that shelf, have you considered giving it a new coat of paint to match your studio? It would look fetching in white, or a lime green!

    1. Or a white with lime green shelving and back wall for contrast!

    2. Great idea! But it wasn't just the colour that was bothering me about the bookcase - it's fairly shallow, so would not fit the 'cubes' I like to keep my wool in. I can't really have wool standing on the shelves (as great as that would look!) because of dust and insects.

      I have a friend who is lusting after this bookcase ... she can't wait to get it!

  3. I fear bringing new books into our apartment as I think "Damn it, now I have to carry this when we move".

    Your studio is starting to look really rad, can't wait to see part II, I love organized spaces! Hehhhee!

    1. Yeah, the smaller the space, the more ruthless we have to be!

      Thanks gorgeous, yeah I'm really pleased with the way the studio is looking! If you'd asked me 5 years ago if I wanted a studio with white furniture I would have said 'of course not!'. But I do think that you have to decorate according to the space, and this one demands it ;)

  4. You really can't beat Ikea for storage solutions! I have a bit of that plus a lot of mismatched hand-me-downs from relatives in the attic. But I'm definitely donating the hand-me-downs to the thrift store before we leave. It would be nice to have the new studio looking as tidy as yours does! The new studio out in the garage BTW, because apparently the spouse does NOT want to have to look at my sewing machines and painting crap in the family room. Go figure. ;o)

    And I guess I'd be one of the people who was rooting for the books AND the wool. I mean, how can a person give up either, really? ;o)

    1. True! But your Gothic Mansion is a LOT bigger than our little geodesic dome, HA! Otherwise I would definitely have both ;)

      I try to keep my studio as tidy as possible, mainly because I'm one of those 'tidy space, tidy mind' sort of people - I feel a bit panicky if my area is too messy, as it makes me feel like I'll lose something or forget about something I was supposed to do. Weird huh?

      Not sure why your studio would be in the garage - you could make *anything* looks glamorous and sophisticated ;)