Sunday, August 25, 2013

old movie sunday

These are the flicks I've been weaving my tapestry sampler to today - enjoy!!

And for lols ... with a young Vincent Price ;)

arrival of the rigid heddle loom ...

Here's me putting it together!  To be fair, there wasn't much effort involved since I bought it pre-assembled from the Weaving Goddess Bella of Bellatextiles ;)

You may be reading this thinking 'what the hell does she need ANOTHER loom for??'.  Well, when I bought the 8 shaft table loom, I went straight in feet first (as usual) and started weaving my infinity scarves.  I'm so grateful that so many people have liked and bought them, with more orders on the way! 

The only drawback of this is that I haven't had time to practice and stretch my skills, since the table loom is always warped up for scarves!  I've always wanted to try doing transparency inlay weaving (see HERE), but with bats and skulls instead of leaves ;)  These will be more 'art' scarves rather than craft ... and I found that I could do this on a very basic rigid heddle loom.

Most people start off their weaving adventures on a rigid heddle loom, but I've never tried one before!  So after doing a bit of research, I contacted Bella (who has sold me all of my looms!), and asked if she could order me a 24" rigid heddle with stand.  When I arrived, she asked if I wanted to take her 16" demo model off her hands for a very reduced price, since she is clearing out her excess stock.  PERFECT!!  I didn't really need a 24" weaving width, so I went with the smaller model. 

The other advantage of the rigid heddle is that there are a lot of beginner classes and information online - I signed up straight away for a Craftsy class, which is brilliant!

Had a bit of trouble warping up the loom ... nothing to do with the loom itself, but a certain kitty who refused to leave the wool alone!  They're all normally so well behaved in my studio - but I think the lure of the wool on the floor was just too much :P

And here it is right now - I'm making a kitty blanket (complete with fringes for them to chew on!).  The tension is not perfect, but it's a start!  It's quite different from my table loom - but is so lightweight and portable and can easily be removed from the stand.

I'm sure I'll get better with practice ;)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

vintage knitting pattern: 'interest in ribbing'

'Jumper with striking new neckline'!

Another classic from 'The Lux Book 1939' - I'd lose the pockets and team it with a cone or bullet bra though ;)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

bespoke shoes from a master craftsperson

I have always wanted to have custom-made shoes.  I have small, wide feet and have always had problems getting shoes to fit me properly.  Not only that, but I hate fashion and being at the mercy of trends!

I went past a shoemaker's shop near my area, and thought I'd look further into it.

I looked up her website - Eugenia Neave has been a professional shoemaker in the area for about 17 years - apparently there's only 3 in South Australia now.

On Monday I made an appointment to get fitted for my first pair of bespoke shoes.  I explained the style I liked (mary janes!) and told her I wanted a slightly pointed toe.  Oh, and instead of a bow at the front (which is called 'the vamp', apparently!), I wanted a BAT!  Haaha!  Well, I wasn't going to pay that much for a pair of shoes and have them looking too normal ;)  So I got measured up and she helped me choose a gorgeous 'witchy' heel.  There will be a fitting half way through, and the whole process will take around 6-8 weeks.

I just *had* to ask whether I could take a peek at her workshop - it was amazing!  Lots of 'lasts' on which the shoes are fitted, gorgeous antique machinery and lots of shoes on the go (she was working on 15 pairs at once!).

You can follow her on Instagram (I asked could she please post progress shots!), since she has just started an account.  She said 'would anyone actually be interested in seeing what I do every day?'.  I said 'hell yes!!'. 

I love seeing Master Craftspeople in action, and I love it that there are still some around in the local community.  Next door to Eugenia's shop is an upholsterer - it must be a lovely area to work!

I'll update again when I have pics!

Monday, August 12, 2013

wall of music ...


Left side is mine, right side Anita's - look how much space is left over!  WOOHOOO!!

For years I have wanted proper CD storage ... well, luckily I received a pay-out from my last job, and could afford a bespoke CD shelving system!  Anita and I have a *lot* of CDs (even after extensive weeding-out a couple of years ago!).  When putting together radio shows, it's handy to have everything accessible so bands don't get forgotten ... I must confess, I have a lot of digital music sent to me which gets forgotten - at least I have more room now to burn them onto discs!

The unit is huge, and Nick from NB Kitchens did an awesome job!  He hadn't done an entertainment unit purely for CDs before - I said 'trust me, that's all we want to store!'.  There are DVDs in the cabinets, and eventually we'll get a smaller TV (that one is way too big - it used to be Anita's parents').

Before the unit, we crammed all our CDs into an Expedit unit, as well as DJ cases:

Pity a lot of that lovely blue wall is now hidden by the unit ... but it's worth it to have CD storage!

What is your main storage issue in your house?

Sunday, August 4, 2013