Monday, August 12, 2013

wall of music ...


Left side is mine, right side Anita's - look how much space is left over!  WOOHOOO!!

For years I have wanted proper CD storage ... well, luckily I received a pay-out from my last job, and could afford a bespoke CD shelving system!  Anita and I have a *lot* of CDs (even after extensive weeding-out a couple of years ago!).  When putting together radio shows, it's handy to have everything accessible so bands don't get forgotten ... I must confess, I have a lot of digital music sent to me which gets forgotten - at least I have more room now to burn them onto discs!

The unit is huge, and Nick from NB Kitchens did an awesome job!  He hadn't done an entertainment unit purely for CDs before - I said 'trust me, that's all we want to store!'.  There are DVDs in the cabinets, and eventually we'll get a smaller TV (that one is way too big - it used to be Anita's parents').

Before the unit, we crammed all our CDs into an Expedit unit, as well as DJ cases:

Pity a lot of that lovely blue wall is now hidden by the unit ... but it's worth it to have CD storage!

What is your main storage issue in your house?


  1. AMAZING!!!! We have media storage issues too, we're trying to work it out for the new place we're currently moving into. Apartment living....

    1. It's a fine balance between good storage and good style! So do you have cool retro cabinets for media storage?

  2. Droooooooooool look at all the cd's! I'm glad I'm not the only one who still listens to cd's, everyone makes fun of me because I'm not always stuck to an ipod or something. Used cd shopping is one of my favourite hobbies!

    1. Me too! I have to confess, when I get sent digital music, I like to burn them to CD so I don't forget about them! I have a massive backlog of ones to do, so lucky I have some spare space in this unit! ;)