Sunday, September 29, 2013

birthday drinkies!


Well, a fab night was had by all last night ... we went to our favourite watering hole, Dragonfly Bar + Dining, had a glorious dinner with Anita's family and Tamara (she's the one in the middle of the above photo), Anita's parents then took Lily home with them, and we stayed the rest of the night drinking cocktails!

Question Question did a live set, then DJed after that - very cool electro sounds.  We caught up with some super cool + gorgeous people, and didn't get too drunk!!  YES!!  I think Anita's trick worked - sports drink before going out, sports drink when you get home, and sports drink in the morning.  I think it also helped that we were drinking water in between cocktails ;)  

By the way, the cocktails we are drinking above are 'A Day At The Races' - Dragonfly's description:  "For the classy little fillys, combining muddled cucumber, Larios Gin, elderflower syrup, a splash of honey syrup, shaken then topped with Jansz bubbles."  NOM!  I also enjoyed Espresso Martinis and some Chartreuse ...

Anita gave me a camera for my birthday, so I promise I will be doing more outfit posts - I also sourced a new tripod from work, so that has made my life *so* much easier!  

I wore my favourite dress (Sourpuss) teamed with my trusty Dragon's Blood corset, ripped leggings worn as sleeves and my new handmade shoes.  Anita (don't tell her I've posted that pic of her - she wasn't too keen!) wore her new skirt and necklace from General Pants (brand of skirt is Neon Hart) and one of my black tops.  And how gorgeous does her hair look?  Awesome!!

And because we weren't hungover, we decided to take a trip to Diggers so Anita could grab some gardening goodies - see how excited she is??

And I hung out amongst the trees ;)

Oh, and BIRTHDAY CAKES!  Here are the little 'goth cakes' that Anita made for me to bring to work - note the little bat sprinkles!

And the magnificent 'Deathrock Dolly Vardon' cake that Anita's sister Emily made for me - look, CATS AND BATS!!!

Back home now ... at least I have tomorrow off (I worked during the day on Saturday), but I really have to work on some of my tapestry homework - *sigh*!


  1. Love the photo of the three of you with your cocktails, you ladies are looking good!

    1. Thanks gorgeous! It was a lovely night (and lovely cocktails, haha!) xx

  2. I love the bat bloomers! Happy belated birthday! and bat sprinkles! I need to remember to keep an eye out for those!

    1. Thanks Laura!! Anita got them online somewhere ;)