Saturday, September 14, 2013

relax? are you crazy?

Yep, that's me ... I don't know *how* to relax.  I go full-pelt, hell-for-leather and then .... *whoosh* ... CRASH AND BURN!   Story of my life.  My body is trying to tell me to slow down and relax.  But how does one relax??

Story of my life!  Little canvas by Birds Nests For Hair, purchased at E For Ethel ;)

For me, my textile work *is* relaxing!!  But I understand that once in a while everyone should really stop, meditate, slow down and only do one thing at a time.  Still not something I'm able to do ... even when reading a book, I'm fidgeting all the time.  I'm not someone who ever just sits in front of the telly just watching - I always have to be stitching, weaving, doing SOMETHING!  Anyway, I'm now just getting over a quick and nasty cold.  I had to have a couple of days off work, and didn't have the energy to do anything.  For me, that's hell itself :( 

How do you relax?

I'm going to make a conscious effort to sit quietly at least once a week, either meditating or reading for a little while.  I have been staying up late, trying to get a few infinity scarves woven to deadline, tapestry homework, and going out socialising ... all this has taken its toll.

OK, that's my rant over - what have I actually been doing apart from being sick?  Well, here's my life from the last week or so in pictures:

Got my hair colour changed - the only time you'll see me with blonde hair is at the hairdressers ... fleetingly:

Shortly after, it looked like this:

I haven't had lime green in my hair for so long, since it only used to last for a few days before washing out to a dirty khaki colour.  But this is a new Manic Panic colour - Green Envy - it's AMAZING!!  As I'm typing this, it's still vibrant (after 1 week).  The purple didn't fare so well, unfortunately - a week later it's pastel lavender (Manic Panic Ultra Violet).  I sometimes have trouble with purple - saying that, this part of hair is in worse condition, as it's been bleached out more often than the green. 

While sick, I've been spying on cats - our area is Catsville - so many cats wandering around!  While cute, it's quite irresponsible since we live next to a conservation park (which is why ours are inside cats) ... but it's still fun to spy on them:

That's Zoe on the right, and an unidentified (new) ginger cat on the left.  They were fighting, displaying impressive puffy tails!

And here are my (rather crap) nurses when I was sick ... though I suspect they just liked the novelty of me sleeping on the sofa in my studio (to avoid waking Anita with my loud coughing):

Close up of Rosie aka 'The Panther':

Meanwhile, Charlie was more concerned about sitting on the top of doors ... no, don't get me down, I'm quite happy thank you very much!

I haven't been able to weave on my table loom at all whilst sick (boooo!!), but I have been playing around on my rigid heddle loom, and watching Craftsy classes - here's a log cabin design that I hadn't tried before - it's very effective, made up of simple plain weaving with 2 colours ... it's the alternating warp colours that create the design:

I'm really getting the hang of the rigid heddle now - next step is trying pick up techniques, as well as weaving in cotton.  It's great that it's so portable!!

Anyway ... here's me over and out for the moment - trying to take things a bit easier ... *trying* being the operative word ;)


  1. I also hate being sick. It's hard not to do some laundry, pack the dishwasher etc while at home, there's always something that screams "fix it" at home. I have to admit that I have relaxed too much, thats why I gained so much weight :P. I think your new colours are so lovely on you. Take care.

    1. Thank you - I'm pretty in love with the colours myself!!

      Hmm, my downfall with trying to 'relax' is I need something to do with my hands - eating is usually the answer, but way too dangerous ;)

  2. Aw, your cats are lovely!! I'm glad you're over the cold, it sucks being sick!

    1. I'm getting there!! And yes, they are lovely ... and very very naughty, ha!! ;)

  3. Wow, that Craftsy is a cool link! I think I'll be checking that out after the Beginner Knitting classes start next weekend. I'm sure I'll be needing extra help! :P

    Hope you're feeling better, Michelle! I have a hard time relaxing when I'm in the house. But if you get me outside, I can spend hours just sitting there. I guess there's just too many distractions inside - Things That Must Be Done! LOL

    Oh, and I love the new hair colour(s)! :D

    1. Craftsy is AWESOME!! Very cheap, and excellent instructors! Anita's mum is a Craftsy addict - she loves quilting, sewing and cooking, so it's great for her. I'm trying to convince Anita to do the drop spindle spinning one. Unfortunately, there are only 3 weaving classes ... but there are tonnes of knitting and crochet classes!

      Please post on your blog how you go if you decide to do a knitting class!

      You're right - relaxing is easier outside. Anita forced me to sit quietly on the (rocky) beach the other day - it was lovely, very relaxing. I'm going to make a concerted effort to go there more often, or just at the cliffs at the end of our street ;)