Saturday, November 30, 2013

breathe ... and weave!

The 'breathe' is a sigh of relief, as I have now finished my studies for the year and can just relax and concentrate of my weaving and my own tapestry practice - yippee!!

For my first weekend of being a 'free agent', I visited Bowerbird Bazaar, my favourite design market in Adelaide!  I bought a few little things, like this fantastic ceramic bones necklace from Meow Girl, and a gorgeous all-natural perfume from One Seed - it was a 'make your own blend' special, and I chose patchouli, triple jasmine accord and blood orange - yummm!!!  I think she will be having that option on her website shortly, so I will definitely be getting that one again (maybe with a touch more patchouli, as it tends to get lost amongst the other two).

Of course, I have been weaving more loop scarves ... my aim is to weave one from every pattern in every colour - I'll get there!  Since the weather is warming up here, I don't expect any Australian orders for a while - so I'm taking the opportunity to weave as much stock as I can.  Everything I weave will go up on my Etsy and Storenvy stores, so I might sell a few to people overseas ;)

Here's the Geometric design woven in bright pink!

And the finished scarves - a long one in Guava, and the short Pink:

Warping up for the next one ...

... which is the Art Deco design in Charcoal + Black - subtle, huh?

And to finish this post, here's my little baby Frankie ... I call her 'the cutest cat in the world', Anita calls her 'the face of evil'.  To be fair, both are pretty accurate ;)

Tonight we are heading into the city to see/listen to a noise event - our friend David Tonkin aka Isomer, performing as Rope Society.  Something different, which is always a good thing ;)


  1. How nice to finally have a bit of a break! I hope you enjoy it!

    that mix your own perfume sounds nice, but I would have to go to a store in person, things I think I will like in mixes never actually work for me in person. I have one I like now, though.

    Wow, that scarf pattern is amazing! It is fascinating what you can do with a loom!

    Aw, cute face of evil. My bird is also a cute face of evil! He is giving me the evil eye right now, as if he knows what I am typing.

    Have fun at the noise event!

    1. The event was awesome ... bleeding ears, haaha!

      I need to also take a break from weaving these so I can explore more of the fantastic things I can do with this loom - I have only scratched the surface, what I do is pretty easy, but weaving can get very complicated indeed ;)

      An evil bird? Haha, I have a funny mental image of that one!! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Yes, I get the feeling that charcoal and black will work pretty well for most goths, haaha!

    2. Ummm, Vulcan_Butterfly - do you happen to also be Virion Butterfly? Or is that an extreme coincidence?? ;)

  3. I love Frankie <3

    You are always so productive! amazing work m'dear

    1. Aww, thanks gorgeous!
      I love Frankie too!!! ♥

  4. I hope you enjoyed your free time =)

    The art deco black and charcoal looks stupendous together

    1. I'm loving it so far - wheeeee!!

      Thanks gorgeous - I know a lot of people like to keep it more subtle - this combo matches everything ;)