Sunday, November 10, 2013

last tapestry sampler

Here's where it's at right now ... it's due next week, so I'm cutting it a bit fine.  Story of this year, seriously!  (I'll be taking this to Robe with me!)

This year has been very weird study-wise - after an explosively fabulous Year 3, this year has in contrast been very boring, full of samplers and zero creativity and scope.  Since I'm doing the 'old' Year 4, I'm wondering whether the new course has been re-jigged to counteract this, as I've heard that many students of the course drop out at this stage.  To be honest, I'm not surprised.  Year 3 - design a large tapestry completely of your own choice.  Year 4 - you're back to doing samplers, within specific design parameters.  Blah.

So here I am learning how to do shaped tapestry.  Of course the design is boring (I just can't get excited about landscapes, sorry!), but I am learning something which I'm sure I will use in the future - bat or skull-shaped tapestry, anyone??

I have 2 more subjects next year to get my 'Diploma Of Visual Arts - Tapestry' (the new name of the course) - they will be Printmaking and Presenting A Body of Creative Work ... I think they are going to be far more interesting!

The new course is only 4 years part time (I have split Year 4 over 2 years), even though the original Diploma Of Tapestry was 6 years.  Students have the option to complete the other 2 years to get an Advanced Diploma, but I've decided that I just need to get on and weave in order to get better and better.

The attention my first Goth Deathrock Subculture tapestry has been getting is spurring me on to want to create more and more - I have so many ideas in my head!  Plus the weaving, which I think is going to be the main activity for Threefold Designs from now on ... my cross stitch kits don't seem to interest many people, unfortunately, whereas my weaving does.  I think people are more interested in ready-made rather than DIY these days.

And yes, Anita and I will be visiting Robe for a few days for a bit of relaxation, product photography - oh, and finishing off this bloody assignment.  But that's for another blog post ;)


  1. It's kinda sad that more people aren't interested in doing or learning handiwork anymore. They're completely missing out on the satisfaction of making something with their own hands. We've become so distanced from all those things - growing our own food, making our own clothes ... shame, really. God, I really sound like an old hippie, don't I? ;o)

    I've been perusing your website trying to decide which infinity scarf to get my husband for Xmas. I think one of those is going to keep his neck very warm this winter while he's on the tractor plowing - I just can't decide what size he needs to wrap around that beard! LOL, I guess we really are old hippies. ;o)

    I hope you hang in there through all this boring stuff and get that diploma, Michelle. It's something to be proud of. :o)

    1. Hey Lynne, sometimes I sound like an old hippie too!! I believe that so many people would be happier if they *made* things ;)

      LOL, I think you hubby would need a LONG scarf ... they can wrap around 3 times around the neck, or be loosely wrapped twice - very warm!!

  2. Perhaps a skull with bat wings attached?