Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Well, we just got back from Robe today ... and this was the view from our holiday house's window!

And here's a close-up of that jetty that you can only *just* see in the above pic:

It's been a lovely few days, very relaxing ... full of food, socialising and chilling out :D  But of course I still had my tapestry homework to do in between:

I also wanted to take some product shots of my loop scarves in Robe - but it was super-windy ... Anita could hardly stand in one place, and I couldn't hold the camera steady!

So we decided to visit an old ruin called Kangaroo Inn, where we visited a couple of years ago ... it made the perfect spot for photos!  It started to rain, but luckily one of the buildings had a (dodgy) tin roof!

And check this out, as a perfect example!!


I'm going to start listing these scarves on Etsy and Storenvy, first as 'ready to ship' items, then as customs so you can choose your pattern, colour and length.  

So yes, an absolutely wonderful (and productive) little holiday!  I will leave you with a couple of road signs that always make me laugh when we drive in the country, heh heh :P


  1. Beautiful scarves, beautiful lady and a beautiful vacation! Thank you for sharing!

    I laughed so hard at the signs!!!! ;)

    1. Thanks gorgeous lady!

      Heh heh, I wasn't sure whether 'knob' was an Australian-ism or not ... but the first one is pretty universal ;) The other one that is popular is 'don't be a cock' ... obviously using a rooster!

  2. What a lovely vacation you had. I think you did the best out of it and you got lovely photos for your store :)

  3. Jelly!! looks lovely :-)

    I have yet to be to Robe, despite a painting of it hanging over our mantle. Bring on Summer Holidays and a couple of little getaways.

    Anita looking smashing in your designs as per norm ;-)

    Have you tried selling on I spend far too much money on that site

    1. She *does* look amazing, doesn't she???

      I have looked at - but I couldn't sell my needlepoint kits on there because they weren't finished products. I might try putting my loop scarves up there though - when it gets cooler, maybe!! ;)

  4. HAHA took me a while but wanker and knob.....Those signs are awesome. Also, doing tapestry weaving looks very very hard!

    1. They're hilarious, aren't they?? Actually, the government changed them slightly, they used to be a bit rougher ... I'm still surprised they're there though!!

      And yes, tapestry weaving *is* very very hard ... I'm a glutton for punishment!!