Tuesday, December 3, 2013

natural perfume - black baccara

I haven't done a post about natural skincare/perfume for a while, so thought I'd better do one since I received a lovely samples tin from Black Baccara yesterday!

Here is the gorgeous tin and samples I received:

The only ingredients here are grapeseed oil with essential oils and fragrance oils. Unfortunately, the latter are not completely natural, but definitely not as irritating to the skin as commercial fragrances - I haven't had any adverse reactions so far!  Prices are very reasonable too.

The scents themselves are quite complicated, which is unusual for so few ingredients. For example, I am currently wearing 'Broken Hearted', which on the website is described as follows:

"Be prepared, for this is not a happy blend. It smells beautiful, but speaks of sorrow and broken hearts. Forget-me-nots and roses hover over Spanish moss growing on stones deeply embedded in ancient soil. A hint of fire and a touch of clove drift on the wind, adding a memory of sadness and of things burned up and lost. Calamus and almonds deepen the florals and bring a deep wave of longing to the brew."

Such gorgeous descriptions! Not every sample is a winner for me (Love Spell is way too sweet), but that is why getting samples is an excellent idea. I thought Black Rose would be my favourite, but Broken Hearted is wearing very well on me. I reapplied at lunchtime (they are not all-day fragrances), and the scent has changed throughout the day. I will update this review when I have tried them all ;)

Anita loves more earthy fragrances, so she ordered Dia De Los Muertos Perfume Oil Sampler - again, she has found it hit/miss due to personal preferences, but she has already been impressed with a few of them.  I think we'll definitely be ordering full-size fragrances from here in future!


  1. I ordered the sampler melancholia from Baccara a year ago. The scents didn't fit me. I thought the perfume were to powdery and heavy for my taste.
    I think though that this is typical for swedes. We had a bunch of spanish people at the factory for a month and we could trace them by their heavy perfume :)

    1. HA! I get the feeling they are going to be a bit hit/miss ... some are far too heavy for me too, but I still like them more than the commercially available ones ;) Since changing over to natural perfumes, I have become less tolerant of mainstream ones, they really clog up my sinuses!!

  2. Broken Hearted sounds delightful - I'll definitely investigate these samplers! :o)

    (What does that say about me, that I'm attracted to a perfume called Broken Hearted, I wonder.) :P

    1. Heh heh, I'm loving that one too!

      Today I'm wearing Boneyard - hmmm, trying to decide which is my favourite is going to be difficult ;)