Tuesday, March 25, 2014

tapestry weaving + hand weaving

That is my life right now ... that, and trying not to get too stressed at work (which is super busy!).

Firstly - tapestry!  I have been making some progress with the first one for my 'Present A Body Of Creative Work' subject.  Here's the cartoon:

And what I have done so far (I'm weaving on the side, so have rotated the pic):

The other one I am working on is a commission of Jonny Slut, but will still be part of the Goth Deathrock Subculture series (and my homework).  It's a cross stitch:

And a close-up Instagrammed shot ;)

I'll be finishing the tapestry portion of the cross stitch I completed last year (Natalie), as well as completing one more tapestry ... I hope I have time to complete them all!

My handweaving took a slightly annoying direction this weekend.  Anita had the brilliant idea of weaving upmarket cat blankets, so I thought I'd make a couple of prototypes.  I warped up with my usual 5 ply Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn that I use for the scarves.

And started weaving ...

And while it looks lovely, the edges are a bit dodgy, and I don't think the 5 ply actually works for a blanket.  I think I need 8 ply ... well, that was a waste of quite a number of warping hours!!  Ah well, I will take off most of the warp and weave a medium length scarf, then warp up with 8 ply when it arrives.  I guess that's what experimentation is all about!