Monday, April 28, 2014

goth deathrock no. 3 ... and progress on no. 4

'Goth Deathrock No. 3 - Homage To Mr Slut' by Michelle Driver
2014, cross stitch with wool on canvas - 26cm w x 31.5cm h (10.2" x 12.4")

Sorry if you've seen this image ALL OVER the interwebz!!!  I have been sharing it as much as possible (one of my 'resolutions' for this year is to increase my artistic profile :P)

Although this was a commission, I don't encourage the use of famous people in artworks ... it's a fine line between homage and copyright infringement ;)  In future, I'm offering commissions in my 'Goth Deathrock Art' style, but asking if the client can provide images of themselves.  We'll see if anyone's interested!

I've also been working on the next in the series, 'Goth Deathrock No. 4 - Anita + James' - so far so good!  My technique is getting better all the time ... though that bloody right hand edge is still a bit wobbly (the left is pretty damn good though, heh!).

And tipped to the side so you can see it the 'right way around':

I'm working on Anita's hair ... but getting closer to the face, which is extremely SCARY!!  While I'm not overly concerned with accurate portraiture, at the same time I can't stuff it up! ;)

By the way, the little metal circles are rare earth magnets holding the cartoon (pattern) onto the tapestry.

Right - back to it!

Monday, April 14, 2014

new hair!

I was BORED with my Peacock Blue hair .... so decided to change it.  My only problem is, I couldn't get the blue completely bleached out, because that part of my hair is in rubbish condition.

So I bought Manic Panic's 'Cleo Rose' - it's a fairly new colour, so I couldn't find that much info online about how it turns out - it's supposed to be more magenta than Hot Hot Pink.

My hairdresser bleached my hair (lightly!), and we put the Cleo Rose over the top, hoping it would turn out purple with magenta roots.  That's exactly how it did turn out, so that was a win!

The more magenta I put in, the brighter it will become - but I'm in love!!  :D

Sunday, April 13, 2014

another 'health' post ;)

Seems a lot of people are thinking about their health recently ... must be the time of year!

I had to do a little write-up for a newsletter at work, and had to provide a more 'professional' picture (ie, not a 'selfie-style' pic which I would usually do).  When I did this one quickly before work (with camera and tripod), I was shocked with how overweight I looked ... it's not a bad picture, but I can notice the difference - especially in my face!

Sometimes it takes something as simple as this to 'wake up'.

I'm 40 this year - in September - and I really want to get a handle on my weight and my health once and for all, and figure out a healthy way of life that I can easily maintain.

I have learnt so many valuable lessons over the years, and have gotten back into exercise (yoga about 4-5 times a week, as well as lunchtime walking), so I need to put together all I have learnt.

I got another shock today - while working out my BMI here, I found that I am technically classified as overweight.  I'm embarrassed just typing that!!  What was more of a shock, I inputted the heaviest I have ever been (back when I was about 21), and I would have been classed as obese!!  So at least I haven't been back there again ;)

Everyone's health journey is different - but I firmly believe that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.  It all depends on one's psychological makeup, as well as their own bodies and metabolism.  So what am I trying now?  Well, would you believe I am counting calories?

I have been on Weight Watchers, SureSlim and I Quit Sugar ... but I have NEVER counted calories in my entire life!  I downloaded an app called My Fitness Pal so I could track my exercise.  I mentioned it to Anita, laughing, saying 'oh look you can input calories here, how ridiculous!'.  Of course, that then led into 'wouldn't it be funny to see how many calories we should be eating' ... I should be eating much less, Anita should be eating more.  Hey, wouldn't it be a laugh to input what we eat for a week or so and see what happens!  Well, that 'laugh' turned out to be far more beneficial than I thought it would.  I was shocked at my portion sizes, but it also encouraged me that all my exercise was really helping my calorie intake as well.  Now, when Anita asks me if I'd like a slice of cake, I look at my 'food diary' and say 'umm, actually I'd rather spend those calories on a glass of wine instead of that cake!'.  Tonight we decided to go on a 1/2 hour walk so I could build up some more calories.

So ... a week in, and I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow (I'll update this post when I have).  In a week, my energy levels have already improved, and I don't feel so bloated.  The app even includes a nutritional counter, so I can see which vitamins and minerals I am low on so my choices can be tweaked during the day.

We'll see how I go.  But on record right here on my blog - I really want to be at my goal weight (55kg/121 pounds) by my 40th birthday.  That's 5 months away.  Not just that, but I want to be comfortable enough to be able to stick with it (not feeling like I am on a 'diet') so I never have to worry about  my weight again.  I have some personal goals too (like getting a photoshoot done with brilliant local photographer Brent Leideritz), so that will be my present to myself when I achieve my goal ;)

Onwards and upwards!  (or should that be 'downwards'? :P)

UPDATE: I lost 1.9kg (4.1 pounds) in the first week - probably mostly fluid, but it's a good start!