Saturday, May 31, 2014

meet betty!

Yes, I now have a proper 4 shaft floor loom!
I answered an ad for a secondhand floor loom on Gumtree ... it was only $250 and looked in good condition, so I thought I'd grab it ;)  It was coming from Port Pirie, and the son was coming down to Adelaide anyway, so kindly delivered it to us.

After looking at the LeClerc website, I decided it was probably an Artisant from the early 80s.  Some very helpful weavers on Facebook confirmed this for me, and suggested I look for a sticker which would confirm the model, date and month of manufacture.  And here it is!

So, confirmed as an Artisat from June 1979 ;)

The lady who owned it is in her mid 80s, hasn't woven for a while and is moving to a small unit.  She included EVERYTHING with the loom, including boat shuttles, cotton, rag for rag rugs, lots and lots of lease sticks, a bobbin winder, warping board, books, Handwoven magazines from the 80s, and lots of stuff that I haven't figured out yet ;)  She also included this note:

How lovely is that??  I gave her son one of my infinity scarves to give to her ;)

At this point of time, Anita and I have taken the back beam and the beater upstairs - hopefully tomorrow the rest will follow, and I can put it back together again ... and then figure out how to warp this one up!

Wish me luck!


  1. So wonderful, that little note - makes the acquisition that much more special, doesn't it? $250 seems like a really good price too, although I don't know much about looms. :)

    1. It *is* a good price Lynne, especially considering the condition! Brand new they are about US $2000, and that doesn't even include postage to Australia! I have seen similar looms on Gumtree (which I think is similar to Craigslist) for around $800, so this one was a bargain ;)

  2. Wahoo! Congrats on your new baby. Hey, great minds think alike: I named my dress form Betty.

    1. Yay! It's funny, most weavers name all their looms, but this is the only loom in my studio with a name ;)