Saturday, June 28, 2014

warping up betty ... front to back

Once my cotton arrived, I couldn't wait to warp up Betty ... but I really didn't enjoy warping up back to front for my test warp.  So I wondered if a floor loom could be warped up front to back, like I do my table loom?  There wasn't much info online (as usual!), so I thought I'd wing it (again, as usual!).

I started on the front beam, warping up the reed first:

Then the heddles:

I did make a massive mistake as well ... I was wondering why I wasn't able to weave and couldn't get a proper shed ... then (after some time) I realised that I had forgotten to put the warp over the back beam before winding on.  That wasted an hour or so, but I certainly won't be doing that again!

Here's the loom all warped up:

And my first bit of weaving!  This is actually the first time I've done plain weaving, and it's pretty fun!

This will eventually be a cotton cowl for Lily, hopefully to be (eventually) included in my shop ... I say eventually because I need a new reed before I can sell these - this reed is bent out of shape, and has created some gaps in my weaving.

I also spent last weekend tapestry weaving - here's Anita tipped on her side ;)

Doing the face has been incredibly stressful!  My tapestry technique is still not completely up to scratch, but it's getting better and better with every tapestry ... I just need years of practice!!

OK, better get on with warping up my table loom for the next scarf ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

officially winter!!

Well, in Australia the weather has officially turned cold!!  Well, as cold as Australia gets, anyway - I'm sure that my international friends would laugh about us thinking 13 degrees C (55 deg F) is cold ;)

Suddenly, I've sold a whole pile of scarves ... 6 in the last week! (3 for the same person), and another 4 commissions so far to do.  Super happy!  Though my stock has depleted, my mission now is to build it up again with more selling along the way.  I'm hoping to attend a couple of markets next year (I don't have enough stock this year), and really get Threefold Designs out there.

I've also updated my Infinity Scarves page on the main website - you can have a peek HERE!  I keep getting asked what patterns and colours I use, so decided to put them all in one place ;)

Though I was upset to discover that Bendigo Woollen Mills decided to discontinue this colour in the 5 ply that I use ... now this is a one-off!  It's a tad darker than the turquoise I usually use, and is available HERE (if Kim from my work doesn't buy it first!!)
UPDATE:  Kim saw it and bought it, heh :P

Now I come to work wondering if anyone is going to wear the same scarf as me today, heh heh :P

Monday, June 9, 2014

a productive weekend!

Yes, so far so good!  Today is a public holiday in most of Australia, so Anita and I went out for a lovely brekkie near the beach, and then wandered nearby to take some product shots of my favourite scarf.  I wear this so often, luckily I woven a spare for the shop!  (Links to ETSY and STORENVY here!)

I'm wearing it double-wrapped, as it was a chilly Australian Winter's day ... well, chilly by our standards anyway ;)

I managed to get my OH&S assignment for TAFE completed yesterday, as well as start on my next one.  My aim today is to get another couple of scarves sewn up and photographed, as well as complete my current warp ... better get on with it then!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

weight loss ... and betty's upstairs!

Yes, I logged my weight in to MyFitnessPal this morning (0.4kg/0.9lb weightloss in a week!), and I realised that they had cut my calorie intake!!  After googling a bit, I discovered that I must have hit the 10lb weight loss mark ... in which the app re-evaluates your calorie intake ;)

And yesterday Betty was transported upstairs!  I must confess, my studio is now a *tad* cramped ... but it's with all the good stuff ;)

After being a bit overwhelmed by all the bits and pieces of the new loom, I've decided to have a bit of a play with it today ...

I found a good YouTube clip of how to warp up back to front, as well as a Craftsy class on floor loom weaving - both have been very helpful so far!

In the meantime, I am still weaving on my table loom - here's a gorgeous colour called 'Tasman Blue' by Bendigo Woollen Mills - yum!!

Wish me luck!

Thanks for your help, Frankie ;)