Monday, June 9, 2014

a productive weekend!

Yes, so far so good!  Today is a public holiday in most of Australia, so Anita and I went out for a lovely brekkie near the beach, and then wandered nearby to take some product shots of my favourite scarf.  I wear this so often, luckily I woven a spare for the shop!  (Links to ETSY and STORENVY here!)

I'm wearing it double-wrapped, as it was a chilly Australian Winter's day ... well, chilly by our standards anyway ;)

I managed to get my OH&S assignment for TAFE completed yesterday, as well as start on my next one.  My aim today is to get another couple of scarves sewn up and photographed, as well as complete my current warp ... better get on with it then!!


  1. I am wondering if you possibly weave in your sleep my dear? I don't know how you do it!! xxx

    1. Heh heh, maybe that's something I have to learn to do in the future!!! ;)