Tuesday, June 17, 2014

officially winter!!

Well, in Australia the weather has officially turned cold!!  Well, as cold as Australia gets, anyway - I'm sure that my international friends would laugh about us thinking 13 degrees C (55 deg F) is cold ;)

Suddenly, I've sold a whole pile of scarves ... 6 in the last week! (3 for the same person), and another 4 commissions so far to do.  Super happy!  Though my stock has depleted, my mission now is to build it up again with more selling along the way.  I'm hoping to attend a couple of markets next year (I don't have enough stock this year), and really get Threefold Designs out there.

I've also updated my Infinity Scarves page on the main website - you can have a peek HERE!  I keep getting asked what patterns and colours I use, so decided to put them all in one place ;)

Though I was upset to discover that Bendigo Woollen Mills decided to discontinue this colour in the 5 ply that I use ... now this is a one-off!  It's a tad darker than the turquoise I usually use, and is available HERE (if Kim from my work doesn't buy it first!!)
UPDATE:  Kim saw it and bought it, heh :P

Now I come to work wondering if anyone is going to wear the same scarf as me today, heh heh :P


  1. Yeah, I noticed it has suddenly actually become almost acceptably cold for Winter, ha ha!

  2. It is so cold! I had my cowl on this week, love that colour, Anita looking fab! :-)

    I would enjoy this rainy Adelaide more if I wasn't dying from bronchitis but alas, one has a good excuse to wear beautiful scarves!

    1. Oh, you poor thing - rest up!!

      I'm sitting at work right now, and my scarf has not come off - I wear them all day!!